Swap to cartridge-free printing

Five reasons to choose a cartridge-free printer

Swap to cartridge-free printing

Striving to be more efficient is one thing that unites any good office working environment, no matter how big or small. Driving up productivity by working in a faster and smarter way is a priority for anyone, but as any level headed person will tell you, this need has to be married with cost, which can be a real barrier in home offices or small businesses. So when a solution comes along that ticks all of those boxes - efficient, fast, easy-to-use and cost-effective – and it’s suitable, for small or even home offices, it’s sure to become an essential piece of kit.

In this efficiency drive, one such product that could support home offices and small businesses is EcoTank; our range of cartridge-free printers that use supersized reservoirs instead of ink cartridges, which come with enough ink included in the box to print for up to two years1.


If you’ve not already been won over by cartridge-free printers, here are our top five reasons why we think it could be the best choice for your small business:

  1. High-volume printing

If you print a lot of documents – more than hundreds of pages per month – low user intervention is a top priority. Cartridge-free solutions, like the EcoTank ET-3600 3-in-1 inkjet printer, can print up to 11,000 pages in black and colour1 before the ink needs to be replaced, making it ideal for home offices and small businesses with high-volume printing requirements. This means that you can focus on what’s important rather than attending to frequent ink cartridge replacements.

  1. Convenience

When you’re running out of office supplies, it’s not always feasible to wait for the next office order. What’s even less practical is running out to the local office supply shop to pick up ink when you’re on a tight deadline. Our EcoTank printers are cartridge-free with enough ink to continually print for up to two years1  before they need to be refilled. Out-of-ink frustration can be a thing of the past as the EcoTank practically eliminates the risk of running out of ink when it’s inconvenient, giving you one less thing to keep on top of.

  1. Unrestricted colour printing

Typically, printing in colour is seen as a large expense. Yet some small businesses require vibrant, high-quality colourful documents to wow customers and set themselves apart from the competition. Small and home businesses no longer need to curb their colour printing with the ET-3600, as the EcoTank printer delivers a cost per page at just a fraction of a Euro cent2.  There are also ultra-low-cost refills so you can continue to make a saving. So whether you print flyers, brochures or documents with lots of colour, our EcoTank cartridge-free printers can help ease budgetary concerns.

  1. Low total cost of ownership

It’s important to invest in solutions that will deliver the best return, so taking a measured approach to your printing needs could save you money in the long run. The usual factors to consider when budgeting for your printing needs include the lifetime of the printer, the initial purchase price of the printer, and the ongoing ink costs. Our cartridge-free EcoTank printers are not only durable, but come with enough ink to print thousands of pages, giving you a very clear understanding of the ultra-low-cost to your business. Plus, when the ink tanks are running out and you need to purchase new ink, you can continue the savings with ultra-low-cost replacement bottles. In fact, the ET-3600 could save you 74%3 in printing costs on average.

  1. Stress-free

Small businesses and home offices require reliable and easy-to-use office technology solutions that keep their operations streamlined and efficient. That’s why our EcoTank has been specially designed with fully integrated ink tanks, to ensure it’s mess free, reliable and easy-to-use. Cartridge-free printers like the EcoTank series offer an unbeatable combination of convenience and value, allowing you to focus on achieving your business goals without being interrupted by, or worrying about, day-to-day operations.

Whether you have a home office or a busy small office, we’ve got an EcoTank to suit your needs.  Find out more about our EcoTanks by visiting epson.co.uk/ecotank

1Quoted yields are extrapolated based on Epson original methodology from the print simulation of Test Patterns provided in ISO/IEC 24712. Black: 11,000/Colour: 11,000 pages yield based on two ink bottle sets included with this printer. Black: 6,000/Colour: 6,500 pages yield based on 774/664 ink bottles sold separately. Quoted yields are NOT based on ISO/IEC24711. Quoted yields may vary depending on the images that you are printing, the paper type that you are using, the frequency of your prints and environmental conditions such as temperature.

2Cost per page calculated by ink bottle RRP divided by quoted yield.

3Average saving for printing the number of pages using the bundled ink bottles with the EcoTank range, including hardware price. Comparison made on the average of the A4 EcoTank range versus the average of the top 10 best-selling models in Western Europe, in the period May 2015 - April 2016, as tracked by GfK. Ink cartridge yields as communicated by the manufacturer’s websites. Printing costs calculated on the proportion of Standard and XL cartridges as tracked by GfK for the same reference period for the Western European market, using average retail prices. Ink cartridge yields as communicated by the manufacturer’s websites.