Superfast Labels weaves its magic with Epson SurePress

The Hair Wizard chooses digital labels for hair product launch and ability to produce fast time to market creative seasonal variations

Superfast Labels weaves its magic with Epson SurePress

9th June 2014 – Superfast Labels, Kent, and its Epson SurePress L-4033A digital label press is playing a key role in the launch of a new range of hair care products for Professional Salons this month. Gary Sunderland, aka The Hair Wizard, is already established as a supplier to professional salons and is now adding a wet line range of 9 different organic shampoos, conditioners, mousses etc with enticing names such as ‘Love Potion’ and ‘Spellbound’.

The labels carry photographs and, later this year, will be changed to feature one of nine different hair styles produced by salons who stock the Hair Wizard range. These images will be changed several times a year to reflect changing seasons and fashion trends. “It’s a very competitive market and we believe we are the first hair care supplier to do this,” says Gary. “We needed a high-quality, waterproof label that was cost-effective to produce in short runs to allow us to customise and vary the range throughout the year and Superfast provided the perfect solution using the digital Epson SurePress. The quality is fantastic and the ability to easily vary labels is very exciting.”

“For the initial launch we have printed 11,000 labels comprising 1,000 each of 11 different labels in five sizes on waterproof Gloss White PP material in just a couple of hours,” says Andrew Miller, MD, Superfast Labels. “The labels range in size from 50mm circles to 150mm squares. The design features photographs, fine detail and fine pastel background tints which can be challenging to print traditionally, but the Epson SurePress handled this with ease.”

The high-quality and hard-wearing labels produced by Superfast have provided The Hair Wizard with another marketing benefit. “In the past our cardboard reception POS displays have quickly become tired and worn so we have replaced these with hard-wearing acrylic. Now, when we supply salons with products we will also provide labels to update these displays to match the bottles.”

Superfast installed the UK’s first Epson SurePress L-4033A digital label press in 2012 and today it’s running at full capacity. “The Hair Wizard contract is the perfect job for this press and it’s great when companies take advantage of its capabilities to create imaginative product variations and campaigns,” says Andrew.

The new Hair Wizard range is available in partner Salons this month and launched by the Ideal Shopping TV channel on 19th June.