Secure business email printing from computers and mobile devices

Driverless pull and push printing solution from Epson

Secure business email printing from computers and mobile devices

19th March 2014 – Responding to increased demand for secure mobile device printing solutions, Epson has announced Email Print for Enterprise, a server-based software system that enables documents to be sent to print via email without the need for driver installation or application downloads.

Keeping all documents within the company firewall at all times, content remains secure, while pull and push print modes offer differing options for document confidentiality.

For high-level document confidentiality, pull print mode ensures pending files do not show in the print queue and requires the user to log into an intranet-based interface to release the print from the printer after sending. Standard push print mode, while also secure, offers simple send-to-print functionality.

With both options users send the document to print via email from any compatible device. Files remain secure when printing via PCs connected to the network or mobile devices connected via Wi-Fi in the office, as they are within the company network, and therefore protected via the firewall.

John Kelly, business manager, Epson UK, says: “With market trends for BYOD and the connected workplace on the rise, businesses are becoming increasingly concerned with the security risks posed by remote connectivity. With this in mind, Epson has developed an intranet-based software solution that is simple-to-use and compatible with most IT platforms including Mac, Windows, Linux, Citrix, iOS and Android, as well as Windows Phone, ensuring businesses remain protected while still supporting a flexible workplace.”

Available via a choice of three licence packages for a variety of company sizes, the system is easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures. Active Directory support allows users to sign-in with their current computer login details, so IT managers do not need to set up new email addresses and passwords for the system. Automatic deletion of unreleased documents after a pre-defined time, helps IT managers to reduce print costs.

Email Print for Enterprise license packages are available to buy from 1st June 2014.

Key Features

  • Can be used by users working from mobile devices within the office
  • Driverless printing system that integrates with existing IT environments
  • Secure printing system
  • No need to install or download printer drivers or applications (URL login)
  • Log-ins are allocated to users (only for Secure Print Mode)
  • Fast installation
  • Easy printer and user administration via a web-browser-based interface
  • Active Directory Support
  • Supports most common file formats (PDF, Doc*, Docx*, Ppt*, Pptx*, Xls*, Xlsx*, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, HTML, TXT)
  • Print from email on Mac, Windows, Linux, Citrix, iOS, Android, Windows Phone operating systems
  • Save unwanted print costs with auto deletion of jobs if not released
  • License packages to accommodate both small and large organisations
  • Optional extended warranty