New satin ribbon tapes are ideal for that personal touch

Latest LabelWorks tapes uniquely suited to task

New satin ribbon tapes are ideal for that personal touch

Epson’s new satin ribbon tapes bring new possibilities for retailers and hospitality companies with their ability to easily customise gifts or services. It’s easy and fast to add value for customers, which is a great way of creating customer loyalty. The tapes can display any text, whether it’s a person’s name, a company name, or a message such as ‘thank you’, and can be used on a range of gifts or even promotional materials.

Dave Massam, product manager, Epson UK, says: “Global brands, such as Coca-Cola and Nutella, have taken to personalisation to make their products stand out, and it works. We are now uniquely bringing this possibility to smaller companies, such as retailers or hospitality businesses looking to do this in real-time, either in-store or at a venue, such as a wedding or party. Whether you want to add a message for a customer, or a ribbon with your brand name, we have the solution for you.”

How does it work? All that’s needed is a Label Maker and our Satin Ribbon tape, currently available in two colours: black on gold, and gold on navy blue 12mm Satin Ribbon. Three further colours will launch in June 2016: black on sky blue, black on pink, and gold on red 12mm Satin Ribbon Tape1. Epson has hand-held and desktop solutions to suit your business environment, though in essence, it is simply a case of inserting the tape into the label maker, creating the message and pressing ‘print’.

What are the benefits of personalisation? There are many benefits to offering your customers personalisation, giving them the feeling that they are special or unique, and enhancing their sense of loyalty to your brand or product. This solution is all about adding value; to your brand or product, and for the customer.

On-demand solutions. Epson recommends the LW-400 Label Maker for companies wanting to print labels front-of-house; perfect for on-demand production while a customer waits. The LW-1000P is recommended for bulk, back-of-house production for events and retail purposes, and helps to boost productivity.

Epson’s Label Makers are perfect for companies large and small who want to give customers that little extra something, and are currently used by retail, hospitality and events companies across Europe to enhance things such as packaging, wristbands, souvenirs and party favours.

The range will be available through Epson’s Colour +Plus Partners who are specialists in the label industry and already selling and supporting Epson’s Colorworks industrial label printers throughout the UK.

Based on minimum ordering quantity Epson may be able to provide different colours or even a company colour/s. For more details on ordering different colours, please contact your Epson sales representative.