New online calculator works out how much consumers can save with EcoTank

Compare the upfront and ink costs of the top 20 best-selling printers against EcoTank

New online calculator works out how much consumers can save with EcoTank

With Epson’s new online calculator, it’s easy for consumers and small businesses to see how much they could save by comparing the top 20 best-selling printers against Epson’s EcoTank, to find out which is the most economical for their printing needs.

When considering a new printer purchase, Epson’s online calculator helps people understand the total cost of ownership by examining both the upfront cost of a printer and its running costs related to ink, so that they can make an informed decision.

Epson’s revolutionary EcoTank printer has presented a new proposition where users can benefit from low running costs by investing in a printer that comes with two years of ink included in the box[1]. Neil Wilson, business manager, Epson UK, says: “We’re passionate about how much money potential customers can save with our EcoTank printer, so we’ve developed this online calculator to prove it to them. We’ve already shown that the EcoTank is a fantastic concept with cumulative global sales of 15 million units1, and we’re sure that this new tool will win over even more customers as they’ll be able to fully appreciate the savings it could offer them.”

The easy-to-use online calculator has just three steps. Visitors to the site simply need to tell the calculator how many pages they print on average per month (100 to 2000), how long they intend use the printer (two to five years), and whether they typically use XL cartridges. With this information, it can compare the EcoTank printer against a specific top 20 best-selling laser or inkjet printer, available in the user’s country. The results are presented clearly with a total cost of ownership, cost per page and cost per 500 pages. In each test, it also compares both specified models against a market average model, for even greater clarity.

To ensure that visitors to the website are confident in the fairness of the calculator, there’s a full breakdown available on the website explaining the methodology behind the calculations.

Epson’s new calculator is available here:


[1] 2 years of ink based on average monthly print volume of about 150 pages.