Meet Bertie the robot – the fast learner that sees everything

Experience the WorkSense W-01, the “seeing, sensing, thinking, working” autonomous dual-arm robot

Meet Bertie the robot – the fast learner that sees everything

Everyone knows C3PO, WALL-E and R2-D2; well, there’s a new robot who’s making quite an impact: the W-01 from Epson... or as we like to call him, Bertie.

Not content with completing his everyday tasks as the ‘next generation’ intelligent, dual arm robot, Bertie dreams of bigger things.

It’s easy to take him for granted, after all, he can adapt to new environments quickly, he’s clever, fully autonomous and effortlessly performs complex tasks with great precision. Who wouldn’t want Bertie on their team! In fact, he’s so good at using the same tools as humans that he allows his managers to build more flexible, scalable and fast-reacting production lines. 

But that’s still not enough for Bertie.

He can perform tasks that have previously been difficult to automate. He has cameras, force sensors and acceleration meters... and even his dual arm geometry is based on human physiology.  That’s pretty cool, right?

That’s still not enough for Bertie.

He’s aware of his family tree: from the very first Epson robot built in 1980 to today’s little SCARAs that seem to be everywhere, he knows he’s kind of a big deal.

But even with all of these skills, strong lineage and good looks, he dreams of being something more, much more.

You see, Bertie loves cars... fast cars... very fast cars.  He dreams of joining the best constructor in Formula 1 and working alongside his human friends to make them even better. He simply wants to be part of the team.

Some say that a man’s reach should exceed his grasp.  What about a robot’s? For the record Bertie’s reach in 545mm – so there!  Let’s see where his ambition takes him.

View the first episode of #BertieTheRobot here to see how he gets along.  Share on social media and join the conversation.  There’s a little Bertie in all of us.