Make The Switch: Getting the message out

It’s time to Make The Switch to inkjet printing

Make The Switch: Getting the message out

Make The Switch: getting the message out

Epson has embarked on a campaign to inform businesses across Europe of the benefits of ‘making the switch’ to inkjet printing. It is making its debut in Germany, where key environmental regulations make the discussion around ecological concerns a hot topic.

In Europe, where businesses are now focussing on their triple bottom line – encompassing environmental, economic and societal performance – these efficiencies provide huge potential for improvement across the continent.

At Epson, we believe that business advances like these should help to address environmental concerns, and that better technology means less impact on the earth. As part of our Environmental Vision 2050, we’re committed to creating solutions that reduce business footprints, and help to reduce global warming. Our inkjet technology is a great example of such a solution, and to express the difference it could make, we’ve made some calculations.

If every business in these countries made the switch to Epson Business inkjet printers, it would save enough power to run the following number of households for a year:

Germany: 170,000

UK: 60,000

France: 56,000

Italy: 95,000

Spain: 24,000

WE151 and Greece: 507,000

What’s more, the annual reduction in C02 would be equivalent to the volume absorbed by the following number of trees:

Germany: 11 million

UK: 5 million

France: 1 million

Italy: 4.3 million

Spain: 1 million

WE151 and Greece: 26.9 million

When it comes to waste, such as consumables, there would be massive reductions over a year in each country too:

Germany: 70,000 tonnes

UK: 30,000 tonnes

France: 28,000 tonnes

Italy: 19,000 tonnes

Spain: 9,000 tonnes

WE151 and Greece: 221,000 tonnes

What makes this possible? Currently, research shows that misconceptions about the relative merits of laser and inkjet printing are widespread – many users believe that laser printers are more efficient, cheaper to run, and better for the environment. Our WorkForce Pro inkjet models perform better than competitive laser printers on all three counts of environmental, economic and societal performance. It’s a highly significant difference too: WorkForce Pro models use up to 96% less energy, and up to 94% less waste than lasers1, while WorkForce Pro RIPS (Replaceable Ink Pack System) models use up to 95% less energy, and up to 99% less waste1.

And that’s not even the whole story. Unlike laser alternatives, our business inkjets produce no toner dust or ozone gas, protecting your working environment at the same time.

It’s an exciting time for us at Epson. We have always been guided by the Japanese principles of Sho Sho Sei – creating compact, precise and energy saving technologies – and our development of inkjet printers is just one way we’re fulfilling those values. True to our heritage, and to our Environmental Vision 2050, we’re in a position to make a difference. By encouraging businesses across Europe to Make The Switch, we could have a huge impact on securing the future of the planet – all that’s left now is to tell everyone about it.

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1) WE15includes  Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Greece and Ireland

2) As tested by BLI, over two months to April 2015, against a selection of competing machines, as commissioned by Epson. For more information visit