Make something special this Valentine’s day

Get ready for Valentine’s day with our free festive themed printable templates

Make something special this Valentine’s day

While Valentine’s day has traditionally been a celebration of romantic love, more and more people are seeing it as an opportunity to remind those around them that they appreciate all the little things that they do. But it’s not necessarily about grand gestures and expensive presents - sometimes the best gifts are the ones that are put together with a little time and effort.

So whether you’re thinking of making a card for the one you love or creating a gift for a friend or relative, we’ve got a selection of printable templates to help you craft something special.

Frame your favourite photos

Photos don’t belong on memory cards, computers and camera phones – remind your loved ones of your favourite moments shared together with a print. You don’t even need a computer; with our free Epson Creative Print app it’s easy to print photos on an Epson printer directly from Facebook. There’s no need to let the DIY end there; get crafty with a homemade photo frame too. We’ve got a selection of printable photo frames for you to choose from here.

Make a homemade card

There’s something so special about a homemade Valentine’s day card. Yet not everyone has the time to lovingly create something – that’s where a printable template can provide a quick yet crafty option. It instantly shows you’ve made an effort to create something unique. You can make yours extra special with a personal note inside or take inspiration from the past and recount a classic verse of poetry. We’ve got a selection of printable Valentine’s cards including a playing card inspired design in red, purple or pink.  

Decorate your home

Get everyone to join in with the festivities and add some Valentine’s themed decorations to your home. DIY decorations can be fun and easy to make - why not try our printable heart garland? All you need is scissors, a printer and some string (or ribbon for a luxurious look) to tie them together.

Cook a decadent meal

Is there anything better than a home cooked meal? But what should you cook? A classic French or Italian themed menu usually goes down a treat,  however if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, mix things up with a little spice with Mexican or Indian cuisine. To make your three-course meal even more special, print a personalised menu detailing all of the courses – it makes a great memento too. We’ve got free printable menu templates here.

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  1. Average number of cartridges required /savings achieved  printing the same number of pages using the ink bottles included within the EcoTank range, excluding hardware price.  Comparison made on the average of the A4 EcoTank range versus the average of the top 10 best-selling models in Western Europe, in the period January 2017– December 2017, as tracked by GfK.  Printing costs calculated on the proportion of Standard and XL cartridges as tracked by GfK for the same reference period for the Western European market, using average retail prices.  Ink cartridge yields as communicated by the manufacturer’s websites