Happy Christmas from Epson

As 2014 closes, the Epson Insights team wish all our readers a very happy Christmas and successful start to 2015.

Happy Christmas from Epson

Closing the curtain on 2014

As 2014 comes to a close and plans are being finalised for the year ahead, hopefully most of you will be able to look back on a successful year.

2014 has seen the UK economy grow at a relatively strong rate, compared to other G7 countries, with retail sales recently reaching a 10 year high and wages starting to grow above the cost of living.  However, the majority of businesses will still have had some major challenges to overcome in last 12 months, be it financing issues, supplier trouble or IT problems.

Thankfully, most of you will have found ways to overcome these challenges. But what’s clear is that we now live and work in a world where we simply can’t rest on our laurels. Businesses – regardless of their size – must ensure they are striving for excellence in order to be successful. Whether that means investing in new technologies, recruiting more staff or engaging better with customers, there is something every business can improve upon, and those that believe they are perfect are ultimately fooling themselves.

Here at Epson, one of our key words for 2015 is ‘efficiency’. We’re aiming to make our business more efficient by implementing new processes that improve the way we operate. But at the same time, we mustn’t lose sight of our main raison d’etre – to provide you, and your businesses, with products that help you do your job better, quicker. So, for us, efficiency is all encompassing and will be at the heart of everything we do as a company, from production to after sales support.

2015 will inevitably bring new challenges to your business, but there will also be opportunities to become more profitable, efficient and productive. We launched this blog just a few weeks ago to share our knowledge, provide information and offer opinions on some of the most pertinent issues affecting businesses from a variety of sectors. While we won’t have all the answers, we certainly feel we have a lot of information to share on a broad range of topics, that will hopefully help you succeed in 2015.

So, that leaves us to wish you all a very happy Christmas and prosperous start to the new year.  We hope you’ll join us again in 2015 and find the content we post interesting and above all else useful.

From all the Epson Insights team – happy Christmas!

The Epson Insights blog will open for business again on 5 January 2015.