Fuelling yourself for business efficiency

Lewis Gets Inked

Fuelling yourself for business efficiency

Our latest promotional video, ‘Lewis Gets Inked’, features the three-time FIA Formula OneTM Drivers’ World Champion as you’ve never seen him before. And here at Epson, working with a sporting icon got us thinking about the relationship between equipment, and performance.

When racing drivers are travelling at speeds that can exceed 200mph, they need to know that the car will support their driving ability so that they can focus on winning the race. In business, it’s much the same. Results come when you dedicate yourself to a single goal, and your IT equipment should be there to assist you. Specifically, your business printing solution should be there to aid your performance – rather than slow you down.

Staying focused

Huge investment goes into racing cars to ensure they perform efficiently and reliably so that the drivers can focus on the one important thing – winning the race. Likewise, employees need technology which will allow them to concentrate on their objectives.

From walking across the office to collect a print, to performing unscheduled maintenance, technology can get in the way. That could be why two of the top work frustrations revealed by employees were those associated with printer maintenance (57%) and the downtime resulting from print queues and having to leave workspaces to retrieve prints (48%) from central printer banks1. These frustrations can undermine employee motivation and, ultimately, business efficiency. But it shouldn’t be the case. To save time, and focus on the task at hand, your employees need to be able to rely on their technology.


Like a racing car, workspaces should be designed for efficiency, so start by reviewing what takes up unnecessary space on each desk, or disrupting the flow of the office at large. If an item or piece of equipment is used regularly, it’s common sense to keep it close to hand (this will count towards cutting the time-wasters mentioned above).

If you’re looking to make an even more positive change, think about updating the equipment your team uses the most – modern print and scan solutions are growing more compact every year, and keeping them close by is becoming easier and more convenient as a result.

Personal preferences

The way that people work is changing and so it’s important to adapt the office environment to get the best out of your team. For instance, 47% of office workers state that meetings are the number one time-waster2. Additionally, only 24% of office employees are able to hot-desk as often as they’d like3.

It shows that to have the most effective workforce, it’s essential to understand the different needs of the team. In Formula OneTM there might only be one winner, but this is only achieved when the whole team is working harmoniously together. 

By giving your day-to-day activities an overhaul, you could identify ways in which you could create a more productive office that enables employees to work to their full potential. An important part of this could be considering what technology solutions could be incorporated to help solve everyday issues such as hot desking. 

Getting the details right

Racing teams incessantly practice pit stops. That’s because they understand the negative impact of downtime on their overall performance. Unfortunately, on average, around one working week per year, per employee, is lost as a result of IT systems and hardware downtime – equating to an annual productivity cost in the region of €24 billion across EU5 businesses, of which printing makes up around €7 billion1.

It demonstrates how important it is to select equipment that’s reliable and requires minimal maintenance. Choosing technology based on its durability and reliability (like the Micro Piezo printhead in Epson printers), can save businesses from lengthy delays.

It seems that in both sport and business, when you’re able to focus on your job – rather than your equipment – you can expect to be stood on the podium faster than you think. Keep your team on track and invest in technology and solutions that will help your employees and business achieve their potential. 

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1Research conducted by Coleman Parkes on behalf of Epson Europe, among 1,250 EU5 businesses of 50 -500 and 500+ employees.  Respondents were IT decision makers. 250 businesses took part per country (UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain) operating within the Financial, Retail and general corporate markets. Research took place February, 2014.