Four ways to banish summer boredom with printable templates

Keep the kids busy all summer long with free printable templates

Four ways to banish summer boredom with printable templates

Ask any parent and they’re sure to tell you that the summer holiday can feel like a very long time. Every morning those bright, beaming, expectant eyes look at you and ask, “what are we doing today”? Now most people don’t have unlimited entertainment budgets, so it’s essential to have plenty of low-cost activities up your sleeve to keep the kids happily amused.  It’s for this very reason that we’ve put together a selection of template activities that you can print at a moment’s notice. Come rain or shine, these fun craft activities are sure to occupy your little ones. 

1. Paper dolls

Here’s a great accessory for encouraging imaginative play; our boy and girl paper dolls. Each design comes complete with a base doll and a complete themed outfit. The boy doll is an intrepid explorer with a binocular accessory for orienteering, while the girl doll is ready for the beach with a snorkel for discovering the world beneath the sea.  

2. 3D animals

Want to join in? Cut, fold and stick these templates together to create a fox or turtle. These printable templates require a little assistance to assemble, giving you the opportunity to release your inner child. The fox is great for little kids, while the turtle is great for anyone looking for more of a challenge.  

3. Colouring-in sheets

Don’t let naysayers tell you colouring in limits a kid’s creativity - the activity actually has lots of benefits from stimulating their awareness of colours to developing their hand-to-eye coordination.  Our range of colouring-in sheets includes a giraffe, lion, dinosaur and more. 

4. Jigsaw puzzle

Did you know that solving puzzles engages both the right and left side of the brain? While it might not be the most high-tech of activities, this classic pastime is tried and tested.  Our printable jigsaw template features a bright and colourful street scene. 

Find a selection of free themed templates here and download our free Epson Creative Print app here.

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