Forget everything you thought you knew about projectors

Forget everything you thought you knew about projectors

Take a pass on supersized TVs and discover how a projector could redefine your home entertainment

If you were asked to imagine a living room the chances are that you would picture a cosy room with big sofas, a coffee table, perhaps a fireplace, and usually in a prominent position, a TV. It seems hard to think of a living room without a TV – they’ve become a part of everyday life.  

But like anything, massive changes can happen when technology provides us with a really useful and fun solution that fits in with our lives. Can you imagine living without the internet or a smart phone? It seems ludicrous now, but it wasn’t long ago that these things weren’t a part of our daily routines.

Home entertainment is changing and now you can tailor your entertainment to your needs. Programming used to be so rigid, but now with the likes of Amazon and Netflix offering streaming services, it’s possible for people to watch their favourite programmes when it suits them.

So let’s go back to that humble TV – is it keeping pace? Is it giving you the flexibility and quality you deserve? What if there was another option – a home cinema projector? The mere suggestion can make some people panic – that’s why we’re here to bust those myths that might be holding you back.

Let’s take a look at some of these outdated myths and get you up to speed on what home cinema projectors have to offer.  

1. Projectors are for only for special occasions– wrong! Projectors are great for everyday life

Watching movies and sports at 300 inches is exhilarating and immerses you fully into the action. But what happens when you want to watch the news or soaps? With a supersized TV you can’t adjust the screen size to suit the programme, but with a projector you have the flexibility to choose the size that works. You can watch everyday programmes at 70 inches and then switch to a large display for big screen entertainment. And as our home cinema projectors work in daylight and use long-lasting components,  there’s no need to feel precious about when and what you use it for.

2. You have to sit in the dark- wrong! See a bright and colourful display even in the daylight

Lots of people’s understanding of projectors is based on their experience at school from years ago – sitting in the dark with a dull and lifeless screen. This is simply not the case anymore - at home or in schools. Our latest home cinema projectors deliver bright and colourful images, even in normal daylight. That’s right – you can have the blinds open with the sun shining in and still see an exceptionally bright and vibrant image. It means you can use a projector just like a TV for everyday news and soaps – not just your movie nights.

3. Projectors are difficult to set up – wrong! You can plug and play

There’s no need to call the builders in! Lots of people think that projectors have to be installed on a ceiling but this isn’t the case. One of our latest home cinema projectors , the EH-LS100, can be placed about 6cm away from the wall (on a table or unit) and project upwards. Plus, there are other models that can be simply placed on a table, shelf or bookcase.

It’s also easy to access your favourite content. Projectors often come with up to three HDMI ports, so you can easily connect  set top boxes for watching normal programmes  plus games consoles and DVD or Blu-ray players, and more.

4. Projectors are vastly expensive – wrong! Projectors offer great value compared to large TVs

With our projectors that can reach up to 300 inches, you can achieve incredibly large displays at a fraction of the cost of a similarly sized TV. What’s more, there’s no getting away from a permanent big, black TV screen dominating your living room, but a projected display can disappear at the touch of a button.  It’s a really flexible solution.

You’ll be pleased to know that you won’t have to worry about maintenance either.  Our lamps and laser light sources are really long lasting so you don’t need to budget for regular replacements or curb how much content you watch. Take our EH-LS100 model, you can sit back and enjoy movies, games and shows for the next 10 years 1thanks to this projector's long-lasting laser light source.  It also comes with a five year warranty 2 for total peace of mind.

There’s lots of things that make our home cinema projectors really special. Take our CLO technology that makes it possible to deliver bright and vivid images even in bright rooms – discover how it works here.  

You can find out more about the EH-LS100 here, or take an overview of our home cinema range here.

1.Based on watching content for five hours every day with the projector set in Eco model
2. Warranty of five years or 12,000 hours - whichever comes first.