Five reasons to give handmade gifts this season

Have some fun and make your time and money go further with handmade festive gifts

Five reasons to give handmade gifts this season

Most people are likely to agree to the following statement: receiving presents is great, giving them is even better, but shopping for presents can sometimes be a real headache. While choosing a big or main present can be pretty straight forward (usually helped by the fact the person actually asks for it), picking stocking fillers can be a little more tricky. So why not take some of the stress out of gift giving by opting for some homemade treats?

Here are our top five reasons why you should add some homemade fayre into the mix at this festive time of year:

Save time

If you pick the right craft project it can save you a bundle of time and hassle compared to store bought gifts. Just think about the last time you ventured out to the shops without a definitive present in mind and how long it took you (or not) to find something that truly ticked the box. The trick is to find a project that works to your likes and abilities to ensure it doesn’t end up being a hassle itself. 

Top tip: with our simple printable calendar, all you have to do is pick your favourite 12 photos and press print.

Save money

It’s easy for the cost of stocking fillers and smaller gifts to stack up, so keep your budget in check with some high-quality but affordable homemade presents. Before you start any project, make a complete list of all the things you need and cost it out. Make sure you don’t forget to factor in how much time it’s going to take. You’re sure to find a lot of homemade gifts can be made on a relatively low budget – just watch out for things like knitwear, that can be far more costly to make yourself.

Top tip: make some edible goodies to fill mason jars and print out our personalised labels to give them a little finesse. Dress the jar with a ribbon and then they’re good to go.

Have fun

What could be more festive than making homemade gifts? It’s a great way to channel your kids’ pre-Christmas excitement too. Have a look around for projects that appeal to your natural strengths, that can be completed within a workable timeframe, and perhaps more importantly, won’t create too much mess.

Top tip: our DIY baubles are simple to create – just print, cut, fold and stick. The grandparents are sure to love receiving these from the little ones.

Make it personal

Get the smug factor with a personalised present that shows how much you know your friends and family. There’s lots of ways to create a tailored present; use their favourite colour, reflect their hobbies, or simply pick their favourite flavours – the choice is yours.

Top tip: for a neat little gift, place your family and friends favourite sweets in our 3D Christmas box.

No more duplicates

Whether it’s picking out an outfit for the office party or selecting a Christmas present, there’s always the worry that you’re going to choose the same thing as someone else. That’s the beauty of homemade presents - each one is unique so you won’t have to worry about what anyone else is buying or whether the person already has it.

Top tip: if you like personalised presents but are running out of time, try placing a voucher in our customisable gift card.

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