Eye-catching retail displays

Eye-catching displays

Eye-catching retail displays

Some of the most spectacular features of a big-city Christmas are the dazzling shop window displays. Ranging from traditional nativity scenes to sleek and sophisticated contemporary designs, the competition and creativity on display is often breathtaking.

However, as consumers increasingly adapt to smart technology, new forms of highly engaging dynamic visual content (including video, gifs, memes and Vines) are becoming embedded into not only our daily social interactions, but our online retail experiences as well.

As consumers engage more with the digital world, how do physical venues like high-street shops, hotels and restaurants replicate the success of these visual tools?

Rethink your space as a destination

Some of the most innovative retail and hospitality locations have changed the way they think about their buildings and shop fronts. With modern projection techniques a building façade can be transformed instantly into digital screen for creative marketing content that can increase footfall.

Epson projectors have recently been used in installations by URBANSCREEN, an internationally renowned group of artists, to transform spaces into eye-catching destinations. The Four Seasons Hotel in Beirut commissioned them to make a permanent light installation on its 26th floor rooftop terrace to dazzle guests.

The group have also worked on much more challenging projects, including transforming the Gasometer Oberhausen, a 100 metre-high former gas container (renovated as a cultural centre) into an astounding exhibition of light and movement.

Both of these projects were designed to attract, engage and entertain the public using moving images.

Replicating the digital retail environment

With the growth of e-commerce, brands increasingly market their products and services using multiple channels, adding websites and smartphone applications to physical own-brand and third-party stores. A major challenge of this ‘omni-channel’ approach is to offer consumers a cohesive and well-integrated brand image and retail experience across these platforms. One means of doing so is to display video content developed for online retail channels in the physical store environment.

Epson’s range of projectors are perfect for displaying dynamic and eye-catching content in window displays and in-store. The new EB-L1000 laser projector series offers flexible installation with a range of optional lenses, including the ELPLX01 ultra short throw lens, which provides a screen size of up to 400 inches. This gives retail and hospitality businesses an effective solution to engage and entertain bored consumers with creative and colourful marketing content. 

Projectors vs screens

In addition to screen size, cost and quality, another key advantage of using projectors rather than flat panel display screens in-store is their versatility. Particularly in fast-paced retail environments that see store layout and design change along with seasonal ranges, being able to easily reposition and repurpose projections from window display to in-store wall displays is a huge advantage.

Unlike flat screens, projectors can create irregular-shaped images, freeing content designers from the restrictions of the traditional rectangular display area, and allowing them to use unusually-shaped wall spaces to display content. They can also take advantage of projection mapping, where visual imagery is mapped onto irregular three-dimensional objects such as sculptures, mannequins, architectural features or entire buildings, to create a truly memorable display.

Projectors provide almost endless opportunities for physical retail and hospitality locations to develop creative marketing campaigns that will attract potential customers, generate coverage and create great word of mouth on social media. Indeed the only limitation is the extent of the designer’s imagination. 

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