Experience Epson’s compact robotic solutions for factory automation on display in Hall 7, Stand 7125, 7 - 10 October 2019

Epson’s full range of robotic solutions, including new parts feeders, force sensor and Moverio smart glasses, will be in action at Motek 2019

Experience Epson’s compact robotic solutions for factory automation on display in Hall 7, Stand 7125, 7 - 10 October 2019

7 October 2019 - At this year’s Motek, Epson will be presenting a wide range of applications for its SCARA, six-axis robots and Moverio AR smart glasses. A new parts feeder, the IF240, will be showcased on the stand and Epson will be joined by two of its partners, Compar AG from Switzerland and MiniTec.at GmbH from Austria. They’ll demonstrate how turnkey solutions can be implemented both efficiently and cost-effectively with Epson automation systems.

Robotic solutions

With 80,000 units installed worldwide, Epson’s robot range includes a variety of reliable, affordable and easy-to-use applications for factory automation. These include: the compact SCARA robot, with a small footprint; the ceiling-mounted Spider robot; Epson’s most compact 6-axis robot, the N2, with its unique joint geometry; and the versatile C8 6-axis unit. Full demonstrations can be seen on the stand.

Parts Feeders IF240 and IF530

Epson will be announcing two new parts feeders, the IF240 and IF530, which deliver simple and affordable feeding solutions to accommodate a wide variety of parts. These systems meet a growing need for ‘high mix - low volume’ parts singulation for advanced applications in medical, consumer, automotive, electronics and more. The parts feeders can be fully integrated into the production process, eliminating costly and time-consuming retooling and allow manufacturers to work with a wide variety of parts without the need to purchase new equipment.


Epson will also demonstrate how its Moverio smart glasses can meet the needs of challenging industrial environments. The company will be joined on the stand by its certified software partner, Essert, who will demonstrate remote assistance solutions using the Epson Moverio BT-350 and Pro BT-2200. The Moverio BT-350 offers a lightweight and portable remote assistance hardware solution for less demanding environments, whilst the Moverio Pro BT-2200 is a robust and durable product with an IP54 rating for industrial environments. Remote assistance software solutions link field engineers and technicians with in-house experts. Information and instructions can be passed visually and verbally using live two-way communication to remedy complex issues.


Compar AG (vision system & robotics) from Switzerland will be showing how an Epson 6-axis ProSix C8, equipped with an Epson force sensor, is able to detect the smallest faults in a threaded part and then go on to assemble the corresponding dowel pins.

MiniTec.at GmbH, from Austria, offers engineered solutions for industrial, mechanical engineering and automation. On the Epson stand MiniTec will demonstrate its new AIRSKIN solution for cobotics and will demonstrate how a pick-and-place application, using an Epson T-Series SCARA Robot, can be used without a protective housing. 

Volker Spanier, head of robotic solutions at Epson in the EMEAR region, says: "With the two feeder systems IF240 and IF530, we are meeting our customers' requirements for flexible, efficient parts feeding. Like the vision and force sensing system, this component is fully integrated into Epson's RC+ development environment, allowing easy integration into existing systems. With our new feeder, integrators and machine builders process a large number of parts and materials for customers in the automotive, electronics and chemical industries, such as closures, clips, membranes, connectors, components, brackets and tubes made of plastic, metal and rubber."

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