Essential tips for your Easter egg hunt

Get ready for Easter with our top tips and free festive themed printable templates

Essential tips for your Easter egg hunt

It’s amazing what can be turned into a competitive sport - take the humble Easter egg hunt, in the United States 501,000 eggs were searched for by 9,753 children in Winter Haven, Florida1.

Now you might not be hosting an event of this scale, but that doesn’t mean that preparation isn’t key for giving your littles ones and family a day to remember. To get your Easter egg hunt off to a great start, read our top tips below.

1. Make a note of where you hide the eggs

While children seem to have a innate sense for finding chocolate, there’s always the small possibility that you might outwit them this time.  To make sure you don’t end up with any distraught children, it’s best to make a note of where the eggs are hidden in case you need to retrieve them.

2. Dress your home to impress

Get your home ready for the event with a bright and fun bunny themed garland.  For outside spaces, you could hang a garland between trees, decorate a picnic table or drape it along a garden fence.  And if the worse happens and it rains, just take the event indoors -  a garland can make a great addition to any living space. You can find a free bunny themed  garland here.  

3. Limit edible goods

Most parents will testify to the need for moderation when it comes to chocolate and kids, so why not swap in some non-sweet options.  Hard-boiled eggs can be decorated as an alternative to sugary versions, giving you another activity to keep your kids busy over the festive period, and one less thing for them to eat.

4. Let the bunny explain the rules

It can be challenging trying to keep a child’s attention especially when chocolate is on the menu, so you need every trick up your sleeve to ensure the hunt gets off to the right start.  This Easter, why not take on the role of the bunny to ensure they listen to your every word.  While you may not want to splash out on a whole outfit, a simple mask can bring your character to life. We’ve got a free range of printable Easter bunny masks in a choice of two colours that you can find here.  

5. Keep it fair

Children (and adults) are quick to spot if a game isn’t fair, so make sure everyone has fun by colour coding the eggs for each participant.  You could even give them a ribbon with their colour to make sure they don’t forget. And it goes without saying, but give everyone the same amount of eggs to guarantee lots of happy players.

Find a selection of free festive themed templates here. You can download our free Epson Creative Print app here to print from your Epson printer via a smart device.

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  2. Average number of cartridges required /savings achieved  printing the same number of pages using the ink bottles included within the EcoTank range, excluding hardware price.  Comparison made on the average of the A4 EcoTank range versus the average of the top 10 best-selling models in Western Europe, in the period January 2017– December 2017, as tracked by GfK.  Printing costs calculated on the proportion of Standard and XL cartridges as tracked by GfK for the same reference period for the Western European market, using average retail prices.  Ink cartridge yields as communicated by the manufacturer’s websites