Epson tracks every stride with new range of highly accurate GPS sports monitors

Accuracy and battery life is key to new RunsenseTM range of GPS sport monitors

Epson tracks every stride with new range of highly accurate GPS sports monitors

Epson has today announced its entry into the running market with the launch of a new range of highly accurate, long battery life GPS sports monitors designed to give runners, of all levels, more information to plan, monitor and improve their performance.

Allowing runners to analyse, manage, compare and share performance data, the new RunsenseTM range features technology designed to provide users with accurate data, even when exercising in areas where there is no GPS signal present. Epson has also fitted a battery capable of delivering active GPS tracking for up to 30 hours without recharging – up to three times longer than comparable competitor products1.

The company has developed an intelligent smart stride sensor for Runsense2 that precisely measures stride length and pitch while also learning an individual’s running technique. Using a unique algorithm, the device correlates the power and frequency of body and arm oscillation with GPS data. If the GPS signal is lost during exercise, this technology is used to replace the missing data, delivering accurate pace and distance measurements.

In addition to offering runners more accurate data and a much longer active GPS battery life, the Runsense devices feature four customisable screens that can provide up to 35 different measurements, including time elapsed, distance, pace, laps, intervals, speed, calories burned and many more. And thanks to a tap feature3 and an easy to read display, Runsense is an ideal running companion for athletes looking to achieve their goals.

Runsense features powerful training modes to help athletes achieve better results. Interval training allows users to set a series of sprint and recovery sequences to help develop better speed and endurance. For those looking to achieve their personal best, the device can be programmed to set a time or distance target and will estimate your finishing time or distance based on the set target. Pace can be managed accurately as Runsense will alert you when you fall outside your set pace window, while the optional heart rate monitor means that runners can train within their heart rate zones to maximise training efficiency.

Users can log into Epson’s Runsense View portal and download the free Run Connect app1 to set long-term targets and short-term goals, while the platforms can help customise product settings and manage and interpret performance stats to maximise an athlete’s potential. With the Run Connect app, users can use AGPS (Assisted GPS) to download GPS satellite data directly to the device for faster initial GPS connection.

Simon Hanly, product manager at Epson UK, commented: “Epson is better known for producing printers and projectors, but we actually have a rich history in sport. In 1964 we revolutionised timing accuracy for Olympic and Winter Olympic Games when we created the world’s first electronic printing timer. Over 30 years ago, we were one of the first companies to bring GPS to market and we have become a global leader in sensing technology. Today, we have put our engineering expertise and sporting heritage together to create a range of highly-accurate sports monitors with a hugely attractive battery life that caters for runners of all abilities.

“Runners are often left frustrated when they exercise in built-up urban environments or thick woodland, where poor signal strength has traditionally meant inaccurate measurements. We’re confident that Runsense products provide better data accuracy and battery life than competitor products, making it ideal for athletes who are looking to improve their training and performance.”

Launching today, the range comes in three models starting from £149.99. The entry level SF-310 is a great exercise companion for those looking to shape-up and keep fit. The SF-510 incorporates tap and smart stride sensor technology, ideal for those looking to focus on training. While the SF-710 features highly customisable interval, pace and lap training features, way points, total ascent/decent data and gradient for advanced performance driven runners.

Accurate Epson GPS sensor
Long battery life (with/without GPS on)30 hours/2 weeks30 hours/2 weeks30 hours/2 weeks
Smart stride sensor - learns individual techniques to calibrate stride length – if GPS signal is lost, this will still provide accurate distance measurement-
Highly customisable screens – easily cycle through four screens with up to three measurements on each, including lap times, etc
Analyse and evaluate runs with the Epson Runsense View portal
Smartphone app for simple product set up and fast GPS connection
Set distance or time goals to receive respective time or distance estimates depending on real-time progress
Run, Cycle and Walk modes
Optional heart rate monitor
Indoor mode-
Assignable tap function to switch screens, turn on light or set laps-
Vibration alert--
Water resistant5bar5bar5bar
Store up to 400 laps of information without needing to sync
Bluetooth Smart connection to smartphones and optional HR monitor

1 Compared to Garmin and TomTom devices checked on 1/7/2014

2 Available on Runsense SF-510 and SF-710 models

3 Available on Runsense SF-510 and SF-710 models

4 Downloadable from App Store and Google Play