Epson shows versatile robotic solutions at Motek 2017

Four-axis and six-axis robots are the perfect choice for a wide range of real-world industrial applications

11 September 2017 – Epson will be showcasing the extensive range of factory automation activities its SCARA and six-axis robots can handle on its stand at Motek 2017 (Messe Stuttgart, Hall 7, Stand 7125), the international trade fair for automation in production and assembly.

In addition to recently-launched SCARA T3-Series models, which will be proving their suitability as entry-level all-rounders in realistic pick-and-place applications, specialised G3 and LS-Series SCARA robots will demonstrate their outstanding speed and precision in demanding scenarios.

The stand will feature N2, C4 and C8-Series six-axis robots completing different applications, including a C8 robot with an S250 force sensor module performing sophisticated assembly operations. The different types of RC-Series controller will be demonstrating how they can operate several robots at once, as well as controlling tasks for the work cell. Specialised solutions from partner companies including Compar AG from Switzerland and KTW GmbH will also be shown at the Epson stand.

Volker Spanier, head of factory automation at Epson Europe, explains, "Customers demand very high standards for their automation tasks, while at the same time being very price-aware. With the T3-Series we’ve introduced a low-priced but high-performing all-rounder to our range, allowing us to fulfil even more of our customers’ highly-specialised requirements with regard to speed and precision. The T3 units fit perfectly into the range alongside our market-leading G3 and LS-Series SCARAs, designed for even the most demanding plants, as well as our N2, C4 and C8-Series six-axis robots, that offer a wider range of movement."

SCARA robots                                                

Epson’s SCARA portfolio includes four versatile model types: G-Series SCARAs are the perfect choice where precision, speed and vibration-free travel are the focus. RS-Series robots are designed for applications where optimum use of the available space is vital, while the LS-Series offers a balanced set of features at a reasonable price. The T-Series slots into the range as an outstanding all-rounder at an entry-level price.

S250-Series force sensor

Epson’s S250-Series offers five force sensors, based on the piezo principle, for very precise measurement of force and torque. The series has been designed to offer an integrated solution, primarily for Epson’s six-axis robots, but it can also be used on SCARA robots. The new sensors offer a very long service life, a light and compact design and excellent precision with sensitivity from 0.1N upwards. This makes the new S250 sensors ideal for very delicate tasks such as joining electronic components.