Epson returns to Bett to reaffirm the importance of interactive, affordable and sustainable technology in the classroom


Epson returns to Bett to reaffirm the importance of interactive, affordable and sustainable technology in the classroom

  • Epson will be in Hall N1-19, stand SD20. More information is on our website.
  • The public debut of Epson’s latest interactive laser projector, the EB-1485FI, showing off its combined projection (DuoLink) with built-in edge blending
  • The extremely fast (100 page per minute) A3 mono inkjet printer, the WorkForce Enterprise WF-M20590D4TW, uses 82% less energy compared to laser printers

January 2020 – Epson will attend Bett on 22-25 January in Hall N1-19, stand SD20, to reaffirm its commitment to education and to showcase the importance of its technologies for the modern classroom. Showcasing its portfolio of interactive projectors, inkjet printers, and scanners, Epson continues to offer schools an integrated classroom solution that can cut costs and energy consumption whilst increasing the interaction of its students.

Display size matters

58% of students cannot read all content displayed on a 70-inch flat-panel screen (TVs, whiteboards, blackboards), but 79% of teachers are still them in the classroom. The lower cost per inch of a projector compared with a TV, married with the multi-touch display capabilities of Epson’s ultra-short throw projectors, allows teachers to maintain the attention and collaboration levels of the class without breaking the bank. The new EB-1485FI can project up to 120 inches by itself – giving a 16:9 aspect ratio – or one single display of 155 inches when paired with a second unit. Epson’s interactive projectors can be used for up to 20,000 hours with any maintenance and come with a five-year warranty. 

Those visiting the Epson stand to speak with one of its product experts can receive an exclusive 50% discount code for the new EB-1485Fi. More information can be found on the Epson website.

Craig Blurton, end user sales manager for education at Epson UK, says: “Our experiences working closely with schools up and down the country is that the hard work from teachers in preparing and delivering their curriculums is so often squandered due to inadequate display sizes in the classroom. A projector can be displayed onto a whiteboard and switched off when not in use. It doesn’t need to be wheeled in front of the class so they can see the screen properly and it won’t monopolise their attention. A projector gives teachers the full flexibility to conduct their class in the most effective ways possible, and it’s so easy to use that a child could use it (which they do).”

A sustainable way of printing

There are two main technology choices for printing in the classroom. Inkjet and laser. The latter uses heat to melt toner onto the paper and consumes 96% more energy than inkjet printing, which instead propels tiny droplets of ink onto paper (or other substrates). Epson’s inkjet printers are up to 3.5 times faster and require up to 98% less user intervention compared to a laser printer.

“Schools are increasingly weary of their carbon footprint and how their IT choices can effect this, but obviously don’t want to compromise over quality, cost and intervention”, continues Blurton. “Our inkjet printer range leaves teachers with minimal downtime for what, in this day and age, should be a seamless and hassle-free activity.”

See you there

Epson will also be showcasing at Bett 2020 a selection of products from its large format printer range, its scanners, label printers and installation projectors. Visitors are welcome to the stand to speak with one of Epson’s product specialists.