Epson launches Runsense GPS sports monitor with built-in optical heart rate sensor technology

No more chest straps as Epson announces new Runsense device

Epson launches Runsense GPS sports monitor with built-in optical heart rate sensor technology

Epson has today unveiled plans to launch its range of Runsense sport monitors with a device that combines a GPS tracker and heart rate sensor, allowing users to benefit and learn more from every run.

The new Runsense SF-810, available from November 2014, uses a built in, Epson-developed, optical sensor to measure the user’s heart rate directly from the wrist. This feature means that runners will no longer need to wear a chest strap to monitor their pulse rate while exercising. By using all of its own technology in the unit, Epson has created a highly energy efficient device that is capable of active GPS tracking and heart rate measuring for up to 20 hours without recharging – more than two times longer than competitor products1.

The SF-810 also features Epson’s intelligent smart stride sensor that precisely measures stride length and pitch while also learning an individual’s running technique. If the GPS signal is lost during exercise, this technology is used to replace the missing data, continuing to track accurate pace and distance measurements.

The device is suitable for monitoring outdoor running, cycling and walking, as well as for use at the gym with the indoor mode. It has four customisable screens that can provide up to 35 different measurements, including time elapsed, distance, pace, laps, intervals, speed, calories burned and many more, while powerful training modes help athletes achieve better results. 

Interval training allows users to set a series of sprint and recovery sequences to help develop better speed and endurance. For those looking to achieve their personal best, the device can be programmed to set a time or distance target and will estimate your finishing time or distance based on the set target. Pace can be managed accurately as Runsense will alert you when you fall outside your set pace window, while the in- built heart rate monitor means that runners can train within their heart rate zones to maximise training efficiency.

Users can log into Epson’s Runsense View portal and download their workouts to monitor, analyse, compare and even share stats to maximise your potential. The free Run Connect app1 can also be used to upload and review data, plus saving and sending settings making customisation very easy. The app also enables AGPS (Assisted GPS) to download GPS satellite data directly to the device for faster initial GPS connection.  

Simon Hanly, product manager at Epson UK, commented: “We are delighted to reveal our plans for the Runsense SF-810 – a sports monitor that provides GPS and heart rate monitoring, with advanced training support. We have successfully integrated our optical sensor, used in our new Pulsense products, so that athletes don’t need to wear a chest strap to monitor their heart rate during exercise, while we have maintained a battery life significantly longer than competitor products. We truly believe that this new device will set a new standard for GPS sports monitors.”

The Runsense SF-810 will be available from November 2014, priced at £299.99

Built-in optical heart rate monitor
Smart stride sensor - learns individual techniques to calibrate stride length – if GPS signal is lost, this will still provide accurate distance measurement
Long battery life ( With GPS and HR sensors on)20 hours
Accurate Epson GPS sensor
Compact lightweight design
Analyse and evaluate runs with the Epson Runsense View portal
Smart phone app for simple product set up and fast GPS connection
Highly customisable screens – easily cycle through four with up to three measurements on each
Pace, Interval, Lap, Run, Cycle and Walk modes
Set distance or time goals to receive respective time or distance estimates depending on real-time progress
Assignable tap function to switch screens, turn on light or set laps
Vibration alert
Water resistant to 5 atm
Indoor mode
Store up to 400 laps of information without needing to sync
Bluetooth 4.0 connection to smart devices
Connection to PC via USB