Epson launches ReadyInk with Amazon Dash Replenishment

A new, effortless solution to reorder ink

Epson launches ReadyInk with Amazon Dash Replenishment

Starting today, customers can now register to get Epson ink cartridges delivered automatically via Amazon Dash Replenishment.

Mauro Bartoletti, head of retail, Epson Europe, says, “It can be really inconvenient to run out of ink at an inopportune moment, but realistically most people are too busy to plan their ink supplies. Epson ReadyInk with Dash Replenishment provides an effortless solution as it monitors ink levels and Amazon automatically sends out a new cartridge when it’s needed - without the user having to do a thing. It’s the hassle-free, pay-as-you-go solution for consumers wanting to stay topped up with ink.”

Starting today, customers can register their Epson printer with Dash Replenishment in just a few simple steps. Customers can activate Dash Replenishment, which works with Epson ReadyInk technology to monitor ink levels and automatically reorder the moment more is needed - ensuring customers never run out of ink. Customers are always in control as they only pay when new ink is needed and can pause the service at any time.

Epson ReadyInk with Dash Replenishment is available for customers beginning 17th June 2019 and works with most of Epson’s portfolio of consumer inkjet cartridge printers. A full list of participating printers is available on Epson’s website: