Epson launches newest Lightscene digital signage projector

Epson launches newest Lightscene digital signage projector

Epson launches newest Lightscene digital signage projector

Epson, the world’s leading projector brand, has released its newest Lightscene 3LCD laser projector designed for creating experiential and digital signage displays for visitor attractions, museums, galleries and retail environments.

The Lightscene EV-110 series is designed to create experiential environments with engaging and immersive displays. The stylish 2,200 lumens laser projector offers users extensive signage and messaging capabilities as well as the ability to create borderless displays, filtered lighting effects, 3D object mapping and edge blending, making the bezels, frames and big black boxes of flat panel displays a thing of the past.

The Lightscene EV-110 series will appeal to design-conscious retailers looking to enhance their in-store customer shopping experience with the creation of thrilling and imaginative experiential displays. Hospitality providers will use Lightscene to provide more entertaining customer experiences using creative borderless signage and informative displays and museums and galleries will use Lightscene to project digital art or artistic content, enhance exhibits, or create experiential environments that surprise and delight visitors.

Neil Colquhoun, Vice President Professional Displays, Epson Europe, commented: “LightScene has changed the way the world sees projection, bringing experiential applications that were once only seen in large-scale immersive spaces to everyday retail, hospitality and visitor attraction environments. Our customers don’t want to be bound by the limitations of flat panel displays, they want products like the EV-110 series to create a fresh and new customer experience that drives visitor and brand engagement. 

“By bringing borderless, sensor-based and creative content together with a product that blends into the environment, our customers can bring excitement and mystery to their displays, and further enhance the way their customers interact with their brands and products.”

The latest models offer a range of new features including the GPI function which enables simple and cost effective sensor-based experiences and interactivity. The LightScene products have been designed to make installation easier with wide throw and zoom range with motorised optics, geometry correction to help ensure the display looks the way it was intended, and a ball-joint mounting design with options for lighting track, ceiling and floor mounting.

The EV-110 series is available in black or white and has a compact spotlight design to minimise visual noise and fit seamlessly into any environment.

The EV-110 has a built-in media player for cableless content playback, as well as Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity that allows for live content creation and management using the Epson Creative Projection app and Epson Projector Content Manager software which combine to provide a complete solution for content management and custom content creation. It is also easy to integrate the EV-110 series into existing CMS infrastructure with simple HDMI connectivity.

The Lightscene EV-110 will be available in the summer 2021. Key features include:

  • Increased brightness – 2,200 lumens
  • Built-in media player
  • New GPI Function for simple sensor integration
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless external speaker integration
  • Now supports recessed/embedded lighting tracks with new ELPMB66W/ B mounts
  • Spotlight design to blend into surroundings and reduced visual noise
  • Multi-projector support with edge blending
  • Epson Creative Projection and Epson Content Manager support
  • High reliability with a laser light source and 5 year warranty
  • Up to 20,000 hours maintenance free
  • Easy and flexible installation - ceiling, floor, wall, lighting track
  • Sealed optical engine with filterless design
  • Available in black and white