Epson inspires new generation of artists

Royal Academy Schools Premiums show displays works created using latest Epson technologies

Epson inspires new generation of artists

The Royal Academy Schools is staging its annual Premiums: Interim Projects exhibition to show the development of students work during their second year of study. The show provides a unique opportunity to view the exciting new work by the artists at the interim point of their three year postgraduate fine art studies at the UK’s most prestigious art school. Several of the works on display include those produced using Epson large format printers and projectors which are accessible to the students in the on-site Epson sponsored Digital Media Suite.

Epson provides the Schools with state-of-the-art large format digital printing and AV projection technologies so students can experiment with a broad range of media and materials to produce their art works throughout their three year course. Through this experimentation with Epson technologies students are able to develop their creativity and explore the possibilities that both old and new technologies have to offer.

All the students have worked with Epson’s large format printer and/or projectors at some time during their course. Included in the exhibition are works by:

Elliot Dodd: whose work stretches from 3D computer design, sculpture, drawing, print and sound. It is through his experimentation with various technologies that he is able to develop his work. His Prototype piece is produced using digitally printed steel sheets.

Alana Francis: who researches and produces works that are inspired by digital sources and produced using their technologies. Her digitally printed origami paper forms part of her Folded Letter (Paper Kayak) work.

Gergana Georgieva: who works primarily in video, performance and installation. Her digital video installations Djidjena and You Don’t Know My Name are shown using Epson projectors.

Anna Hughes: who creates two and three dimensional compositions using paintings, found materials and sculptural objects, such as driftwood and stone. Her works include a series of large format digital prints on canvas and cotton.

Molly Palmer: who shows her idiosyncratic narrative films using Epson projectors.

Mark Hampson, Head of Materials Process, RA Schools says: “The success of this year’s RA Schools Premiums exhibition once again illustrates the fantastic symbiosis of creativity that the Epson-sponsored collaboration with our students creates. It highlights the important roles that digital technologies and expertise naturally hold for this generation of emerging contemporary artists. The mutual benefits gained from such an intimate and supportive relationship that exists between our organisations should not be underestimated.

“In this year’s show certain artworks would not have been either conceivable or achievable without Epson’s support and generosity. In return, the students offer a fresh view on the way that artists will use digital imagery and technologies in the future through production of artworks of beauty, inventiveness and intelligence.”

The Premiums: Interim Projects 2015 runs at the Royal Academy of Arts, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BD until 11th March.

Further information: or tel: 020 7300 8000.