Epson innovates with improved platform for tablet-based POS solutions

Retailers can go mobile with TM-iHub, which now controls POS peripherals and interacts with many mobile devices at the same time

Epson innovates with improved platform for tablet-based POS solutions

01 September 2014 – Epson has announced an upgrade in the TM-Intelligent family: the TM-iHub products. They act as a hub for a hassle-free, tablet-based, point-of-sale (POS) platform. This enables the TM-T88V-iHub and TM-T70-iHub to be used for issuing receipts to customers direct from tablets and other mobile devices running popular web browsers, as well as controlling other POS peripherals including barcode scanners and cash drawers.

This is the second generation of products in the successful TM-i range. While the TM-DT range of products provides legacy application compatibility for businesses the TM-iHub range focuses on providing a platform for tablet-based, POS solutions.

This innovative platform features Epson’s ePOS technology, built-in intelligence that allows printing from mobile devices and access to web-based services without requiring drivers. TM-iHub communicates to mobile devices using the most popular web browsers supporting HTML 5, such as Safari®, Chrome™, Internet Explorer® and the standard browser on Android-based mobile devices.

Easy to set-up and ideal for specialty stores and restaurants wanting to embrace tablet-based POS solutions, TM-iHub can control cash drawers and input/output peripherals such as customer displays, barcode scanners and keyboards.

Both the TM-T88V-iHub and TM-T70-iHub include Communication Box technology which allows additional mobile devices to be set up for the input and output of data. These additional devices are industry standard tablets that can be used for interaction with customers, as manager tools, for content management, advertisements, etc.

The TM-T70-iHub has a splash-proof housing and is designed for mounting under counters, with controls and paper loading positioned at the front, while the TM-T88V-iHub features greyscale printing. The built-in intelligence is the same for both models, which are available in both black and white.

Sharon Head, business manager, Epson UK, says: “Epson’s upgraded TM-iHub is the evolution of the first generation of TM-i. With the new Communication Box technology, and the ability to control input and output peripherals, TM-iHub is the perfect platform for solution providers to deploy complete tablet POS solutions with state of the art technology.”

TM-iHub reinforces Epson’s role as the enabler for the migration of POS from legacy systems and, to support this strategy, Epson has created a community of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) with solutions suitable for explore TM-Intelligent functionality. For a list of software already tested with TM-Intelligent, visit

The TM-T70-iHub and TM-T88V-iHub are available in September.

Key FeaturesTM-T70-iHubTM-T88V-iHub
Control selected HIDs (Human Interface Devices), like customer displays, barcode readers and keyboards
ePOS technology
Additional mobile devices can be easily set up for the input and output of data.
Print receipts directly from tablets and other mobile devices
Communicates directly with HTML 5 browsers
Recognises all major ESC/POS functions sent as XML commands
Prints data from any network (local or web)
Designed for mounting under counters-
Splash-proof housing-
Greyscale printing-