Epson GPS running watches now fully compatible with RunKeeper

Epson GPS running watches now fully compatible with RunKeeper

21 July 2015 – Continuing its strategy to become a major player in the wearables running market, Epson has today announced that its Runsense GPS watches can be used with RunKeeper – the fitness-tracking app for iOS and Android that has over 45 million users.

RunKeeper has been offering its app since 2008, while Epson has been at the forefront of GPS technology for the past 30 years, building sensors that have been used in a wide variety of devices, including Seiko’s Astron, the world's first GPS solar watch. Last year, the company took its first steps into the sports market when it launched Runsense – a range of sports watches that feature advanced GPS technology.

Epson’s Runsense devices are lightweight, water-resistant running watches that offer highly accurate GPS tracking to measure pace and distance. They come with a built-in Smart Stride Sensor1 that automatically tracks the user’s stride pattern without the need for an additional foot pod. If the GPS signal is lost during your run, this technology is used to replace the missing data, delivering accurate pace and distance measurements.

Fitted with a battery capable of delivering active GPS tracking for up to 30 hours2 without recharging, the watches also feature four adjustable screens that the user can customise by choosing from up to 35 different measurements. While the top-of-the-range SF-810 is one of only a few sports watches on the market that also features a built-in optical heart rate monitor, making uncomfortable chest straps a thing of the past.

By announcing RunKeeper compatibility, Epson has given Runsense users the chance to gain further insights into their performance, while also making it easy for existing RunKeeper users to sync their data automatically. RunKeeper utilises the watch’s GPS and heart rate data to track statistics and progress, measure workout distance and chart weight loss, while offering a range of coaching advice and training plans to members. RunKeeper also allows users to share personal content with friends through posting activities, achievements and plans to Facebook and Twitter.

Simon Hanly, product manager at Epson UK, commented: “We are thrilled to partner with RunKeeper and excited to join their community of runners on their journey to take their performance to the next level. RunKeeper is a fantastic platform that is used by millions of runners of all abilities and is extremely motivational. We’re delighted that our customers can now take advantage of its great features, which will undoubtedly help them reach their goals and share their achievements.”

Erin Glabets, director of marketing at RunKeeper, added: “Epson is one of the giants of consumer technology, but few know of its heritage in GPS. The Runsense products are a great addition to the wearables market and the fact that the SF-810 offers strapless heart rate monitoring is hugely beneficial, allowing users to track heart rate and stay in heart rate zones without a constricting chest strap. We are proud to have them on board and hope their customers join our platform and make use of the valuable features we offer our members.”

In addition to the Runsense devices, Epson’s Pulsense heart rate and activity trackers can also be synced to RunKeeper, allowing users to retrieve heart rate data without the need of wearing an uncomfortable chest strap.

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1 Only available on SF-810, SF-710 and SF-510 models

2 30 hours active GPS tracking on the SF-710, SF-510 and SF-310 models, with 20 hours GPS and heart rate monitoring on the SF-810.