Epson challenges flat panel displays with new all-in-one meeting solution boasting up to 100-inch images

Streamline meetings and encourage collaboration with interactive displays and Skype communication

Epson challenges flat panel displays with new all-in-one meeting solution boasting up to 100-inch images

Epson’s new and intuitive interactive projector, the EB-1460Ui, encourages collaboration and advanced business integration in meetings rooms to support the way people work. With Wi-Fi, remote working and even Skype meetings on Full HD screens of up to 100 inches, this solution from the market leader1 makes it easier than ever to collaborate with colleagues, whether they’re in the same room or on the other side of the world.

Hans Dummer, director, Visual Instruments, EMEAR, says: “Develop a truly forward-thinking and productive workplace by promoting efficient and collaborative meetings with our latest solution for SMEs and corporate meeting rooms. These high-end, ultra short-throw Wi-Fi projectors uses the latest technology to allow organisational information sharing and impressive interactivity on a scalable display size of up to 100 inches, something that flat panels just can't economically offer. As well as being the best value way of introducing scalable screen sizes, it’s ideal for creating a modern, interactive and productive workplace.”

Able  to split-screen present from two sources, users can carry out two tasks at once, such as presenting and hosting a video conference call. It’s easy to save, send or print whiteboard content, and the built-in 16W speakers seamlessly add audio without extra equipment or cables. Best of all for businesses concerned about data security, all models include password access for whiteboard sharing, encrypted passwords for whiteboard content and wireless security to keep data secure.

The EB-1460Ui is an all-in-one solution designed to create collaborative meeting rooms, enabling Skype in business and other video call solutions during meetings, and a host of other easy to use interactive features. Remote access capabilities help reduce travel costs, and the remote desktop feature promotes freedom and flexibility from the desktop – simply leave your PC on your desk and present from anywhere around the office. Finger-touch and dual-pen interactivity mean you can control the presentation yourself, and it’s easy to share and stream various types of content wirelessly from IOS or Android mobile devices with the iProjection App1. As well as taking advantage of screen mirroring thanks to Miracast to effortlessly share content directly from any Android/Windows devices also hosting the screen mirroring feature.

The EB-1460Ui is also joined by two further models in the range, and their ultra-short throw design means that users can present without glare, while still delivering display sizes as large as 100 inches for the greatest impact and viewer comfort in meetings. Crucially, the EB-1460Ui, EB-1450Ui and EB-1440Ui all use Epson’s 3LCD technology so project powerfully bright, vibrant images at up to 4,400 lumens. The range also achieves an impressive WUXGA resolution, which at 1920x1200 pixels is better than Full HD. Furthermore, an improved lamp life of up to 10,000 hours in Eco mode helps to cut energy and service costs.

The EB-1460Ui is available from March 2017, while the EB-1450Ui and EB-1440Ui are available now.

1) Based on interactive ultra-short-throw projector market share, FutureSource 2016.