Epson backs the channel with ReadyInk

The pay-as-you-go print technology empowering the industry

Epson backs the channel with ReadyInk

Putting the channel at the centre of customer relationships, Epson’s ReadyInk technology enables the channel to offer a pay-as-you-go ink replenishment service.

Unlike other programmes, Epson empowers the channel by directing customers to register for the ink replenishment service with the retailer that sold the printer. Almost all of Epson’s new printers will be eligible for the service (excluding EcoTank), and customers can check online to see if their existing printer is supported by ReadyInk technology.

Massimo Pizzocri, vice president of consumer sales, Epson Europe, says, “The market is changing - customers are increasingly looking for quick and convenient shopping experiences and so it’s essential to answer this need. However, we strongly believe that this shouldn’t come at the expense of the channel. ReadyInk provides a hassle-free solution to the issue of running out of ink, while also empowering our channel partners in retail and reseller segments. We’re giving the channel a platform to strengthen customer retention and even increase sales. It will help them past the initial sale of the hardware through to ongoing ink sales and even to upsell across product categories.”

Tailoring the ReadyInk service to their customers’ needs, the channel will be encouraged and supported to develop their own proposition. The fundamental service will provide customers with an easy and subscription-free solution to running out of ink. It works very simply; Epson monitors the ink usage of registered customers and shares this information via the authorised distributor with the specific channel partner responsible for the initial sale of the printer. When the ink is running low the customer will be notified and it will start the process of issuing a new cartridge. The channel partner manages the relationship and has the opportunity to upsell. This helps Epson’s partners strengthen and develop their relationship with their customer. 

To ensure its success, Epson will offer a range of support to its channel partners to assist with the launch and ongoing maintenance of their ink replenishment propositions powered by Epson ReadyInk technology.

ReadyInk will be available from September 29, 2017.