Epson announces first UK partner for Omnilink Merchant Services at EuroCIS expo

With PredictX retailers can take advantage of predictive real-time analytics

Epson announces first UK partner for Omnilink Merchant Services at EuroCIS expo

Visitors to this year’s EuroCIS expo, 27th February - 1st March, will be the first to learn about Epson’s new Omnilink Merchant Services partner PredictX, a leader in predictive analytics and machine learning, and its PredictX Retail solutions.

Thanks to Epson’s Omnilink Merchant Services that processes cloud connected receipt data at unprecedented speeds, PredictX can provide a wide range of predictive analytics in real-time, allowing retailers to react quicker than ever before and take predictive actions to a rapidly evolving market.

Armed with information from a live stream of analytics, retailers signed up to PredictX Retail solutions will be able to respond to emerging trends by spotting well performing stores and categories, allowing them to roll out and repeat successful actions. They will also be able to identify and intervene on low performing stores or categories.

Offering prescriptive analytics, the PredictX Retail solution will also ease the burden and frequency of reporting for finance, head office and executive teams thanks to automated reports, trends and dashboards - created in real-time.

Using real-time predictive analytics and AI applications, retailers will be able to take predictive actions for their operations by optimising product placement, promotion planning, fraud detection, workforce planning, inventory planning, employee training, shrinkage minimisation and more. 

Keesup Choe, CEO, PredictX, says, “We are very excited to partner with Epson to bring predictive analytics to retailers. Our partnership will enable retailers to gain visibility over sales and operations previously inaccessible due to disconnected systems in the business. Access to intelligence from live receipt data will allow retailers to pre-empt operational inefficiencies and prioritise actions to maximise spend per customer.”

Marc Tinkler, head of product marketing, professional printing, Epson Europe, Epson Europe, says, “Retailers are under enormous pressure to perform and need every tool they can get to help them face a challenging market. With this solution, retailers are going to be able to get the information they need, when they need it, to enable them to make smart and incisive decisions that benefit their business.”

About PredictX

PredictX works with retailers and allows finance, operation and marketing managers full visibility into all elements of operational and sales activity. It uses advanced analytics to ensure all data across systems is captured, matched, enriched and analysed. The product provides an integrated reporting suite and dynamic analysis to allow managers to make business decisions based on accurate data and predictive insight.