Epson announces dedicated self-service kiosk receipt printer

The EU-m30 has a range of enhanced connectivity and maintenance features, making it ideal for kiosk solutions

Epson announces dedicated self-service kiosk receipt printer

Based on Epson’s highly successful TM-m30II receipt printer, the EU-m30 has been specifically adapted for kiosk applications and comes with a number of enhanced connectivity and maintenance features.

The EU-m30 meets the growing demand for self-service kiosks in retail environments including casual dining and click and collect ordering. It has been designed following direct feedback from customers. One important element to that design is that it is certified as a component, which decreases the barrier to re-export for kiosk vendors, and reduces waste as peripherals such as a power supply unit are not included.

For busy retail environments avoiding downtime is vital. The EU-m30 offers Epson’s market-leading hardware, ensuring reliability and high-quality, legible printed receipts. Setting up the printer is very straightforward, and it comes bundled with a convenient mounting kit, which securely attaches the printer to the kiosk and makes it easy to swap out in the unlikely event that maintenance or replacement are needed. Once installed the clear indicator LEDs allow operators to assess the printer condition very quickly.

For applications where the kiosk exposes the printer to customers, the EU-m30 includes features that prevent interference but ensure easy operator access. A button cover shields the power and feed buttons from accidental or unwanted access and the paper door lever can only be accessed with a small tool. For applications where the kiosk conceals the printer, an optional OT-BU30 bezel can be applied which routes the receipt from the printer to the outside of the kiosk. It includes light guides for the indicator LED’s.

Liam Parry, Product Manager, Business Systems at Epson said, “The expansion of kiosk applications has naturally evolved a demand for lower-footprint, style-conscious devices. We know from extensive research with our customers that reliability and monitoring are essential, as is ease of maintenance and replacement, and we’ve designed the EU-m30 to meet the precise needs of volume kiosk vendors.”

Key features of the EU-m30 include:

  • Reliable hardware:Epson is the number one receipt printer manufacturer in Western Europe 1
  • High-quality prints:Ensuring that receipts remain legible
  • Connectivity options:USB and serial provided as standard
  • Highly visible LEDs:Clear indicators allow operators to assess printer at a glance
  • Access restriction:Exposed applications such as power, feed buttons and paper door lever are protected from accidental or unwanted access
  • Easy installation and maintenance:Optional mounting kit for easy access to the printer and simple swap procedure for device replacement
  • Certified as a component:the kiosk can be certified overall by the vendor and re-export is easier


[1] IDC, POS Printer Market Appraisal Western Europe CY 2020, 2020 shipments, published April 2021

The EU-m30 will be available from October 2021