Creating a vision

How Epson is creating a sustainable vision for the future – by Minoru Usui

Creating a vision

Epson’s vision for the future: the eco-efficient workplace

Sustainability is now front and centre in the minds of most business executives – with 43% seeking to align it with their overall business goals, mission or values1.

Pressure is also increasing from external factors, as stakeholders look for more economical IT solutions. These can take the form of new sustainability initiatives, or the replacement of old or inefficient IT equipment. The rewards: ongoing energy savings, increased employee satisfaction and efficiency, and a lower environmental impact.

At Epson, we want to be a part of this sustainable future, and we work hard to develop solutions that help businesses “go green” without sacrificing the cutting-edge technology that gives them the competitive edge. A working environment where technology exists in harmony with ecology – this is our vision for the future.

Sustainable operation

Two founding principles put sustainability at the heart of everything we do. They are “Sho Sho Sei”, compact, efficient and highly precise production, and “Monozukuri”, the art and science of manufacturing. By following these principles closely, we are able to develop smaller, lighter and more energy-efficient products that offer outstanding accuracy and performance.

Perhaps our most significant achievement is the adaption of industrial-grade Micro Piezo inkjet technology into the Epson PrecisionCore printhead. For businesses, this means that one WorkForce Pro RIPS printer can print up to 75,000 pages without an ink change, and creates a 96% energy saving, 92% CO2 reduction, and 95% less waste than similar laser printers2.

Ongoing technological innovation

Epson goes one step further: helping to fundamentally change the behaviour and businesses of our customers by providing products, services and functions to enable a more efficient and more sustainable change.

We’ve created PaperLab to convert used paper into new paper and improve the office eco-system. We continue to refine technologies in inkjet, visual communication, wearables and robotics, to improve our value to customers and enhance our contribution to a cleaner environment. Our commitment to the environment has been cemented in our Environmental Vision 2050, and a pledge to reduce CO2 emissions by 90%, and all other greenhouse gases entirely, across the entire product life cycle. And all this built on an impressive history of firsts, including recognition from the United States Environmental Protection Agency for our commitment to long-term economical performance.

We’ve set our ambitions high. It is our objective to reduce environmental impact across our products, services and business operations. We intend to continue to help our customers meet their environmental targets. We expect our vision for eco-efficient business to become a reality – a vision backed up by our actions.

[1] McKinsey&Company, Sustainability’s strategic worth global survey, 2014

2 As tested by BLI, over two months from April 2015, against a selection of competing machines, as commissioned by Epson. For more information visit