Collaborate to create more

How collaboration inspires creativity

Collaborate to create more

We tend to think of great innovations as the result of individual genius. Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Leonardo Da Vinci – all of these people are believed to have come to creative solutions through their own brain power, with no input from others. But in the modern workplace, collaboration is king. That’s why companies in every industry – from technology firms to creative agencies – are designing offices that encourage employees to have spontaneous conversations, and share their knowledge at will.

Cultural shift

Partly, this is down to the changing demographics of the average business. Studies show that 88% of millennials1 prefer a collaborative workplace to a competitive one. And with that generation set to make up 40% of Europe’s workforce by 20202, it’s natural that their increasing numbers are contributing to a cultural shift. But this isn’t just a matter of young people getting what they want – the collaborative approach has been backed up by science, too.

Collaborative tools

It’s been proven that collaborative tools can improve productivity by between 20 and 30 percent3: a boost that’s too significant to ignore for most businesses. When you consider that more and more people across Europe are working remotely, it brings the need for cross-location collaboration into sharp focus. In response, increasing numbers of organisations are deploying cross-location platforms such as interactive projectors and other video technology. These can help teams to work together, even while they’re apart, and squeeze every last drop of creativity out of the working day.

Pushing boundaries

Here at Epson, we recently experienced the benefits of collaboration first hand. Our latest promotional film required a year of internal and external teamwork. Throughout the process, we worked with numerous specialists in production, direction, special effects, and cinematography.

With so many creative minds involved, we were able to push the boundaries of what audiences expect from Epson. The result is a film that’s difficult to forget, and one which we hope will resonate across the globe. For us, it’s confirmed what we already knew: collaboration inspires creativity like nothing else.

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