Checklist: 4 things to consider for your POS technology

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Checklist: 4 things to consider for your POS technology

Despite the recent growth to online shopping, there’s still something to be said for in-store purchases – a sort of personal, social experience that no website or app can replicate. In a recent study of 5,000 consumers across five European markets, we found that a majority still have an overwhelming preference for shopping on the high street.

Nevertheless, the enduring popularity of online shopping has had its impact. Customers expect more from their high street experience. To compete effectively with the online channel, traditional retailers need to ensure each customer’s experience is excellent from beginning to end.

Consider this:

1. Staff who are flexible and knowledgeable are incredibly valuable. In-store retail staff are now not only expected to have a high degree of knowledge about the products they’re selling, but must be able to move quickly and efficiently to respond to customer requirements.

It’s therefore important to support them with mobile technology that allows them to move seamlessly between departments, making transactions as they go – anywhere on the shop floor – for a more personal, one-to-one experience. 

2. It’s also crucial that the purchasing process is fast and hassle-free. Studies show that queuing is one of the biggest causes of customer dissatisfaction – and is even likely to push them to abandon their purchase and go elsewhere. Fast receipt printing speeds and mobile transaction points can be key to retaining those customers.

3. Many retailers also run their high street and online operations side-by-side – delivering the seamless connection that customers demand. This means the two need to be integrated in the most effective, fluid way possible.

It’s wise to choose receipt printers that are able to recognise personal shopping trends, and provide relevant, personalised offers on the back of the customers’ receipts. 

4. One of the biggest challenges for high street retailers is responding quickly to new customer trends and demands, while at the same time keeping existing infrastructures intact and reducing disruption.

Click-and-collect, for example – or the increasing popularity of pop-up shops – means it makes sense to install tills that are versatile, with reliable mobile devices as part of the setup. 

Making moments matter:

Epson knows all about the importance of POS technology, and how it can enhance the customer experience. We produce a huge range of products for retail markets across the world – point of sale receipt printers, scanners, paper, ink, toner, professional graphics and more. It’s our excellent track record in this market that makes us so confident that we can not only advise in making the decision, but also assist.

We’re using smart technology to turn the humble receipt printer into a platform that connects a range of services and has the capacity to change the customer experience. Our cloud-based solutions are perfect for tablet and Wi-Fi style solutions that can unchain staff from checkouts. We’re freeing your employees for meaningful interactions every day.

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