Capture your bump in bloom

Enjoy the happy months ahead with our tops tips for documenting your pregnancy

Capture your bump in bloom

If you've been following us recently you'll know how much fun we had taking part in pregnancy reveal with three English, French and German speaking families. But how did it come about? Well it was part of the campaign for our EcoTank printer, which is designed to set families up to enjoy the busy, brilliant years ahead with three years’ worth of ink. If you haven't seen it yet, click here to view the video. 


Everyone knows that the excitement doesn't stop with the pregnancy reveal - it's just the beginning! The ever-changing baby bump is one of the clearest indicators to the outside world of all the extraordinary things that are occurring inside. That’s probably why it’s one of the most popular things to record and share with family and friends. 

Photos can be a really fun and easy way to document this special time. Lots of mums have shared some fantastic ideas on the internet that can provide a great starting point for styling your very own record. Here are some of the things that we discovered: 

How often?

When starting a record, it's a good idea to think about how often you'll be able to take a picture. While lots of people may opt for every week, you might prefer to go for one a month or just the different stages, such as the reveal, pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

What angle?

The side angle seems to be the most popular option to show how much the bump develops week by week, but that doesn't mean it's the only one.  Some mums opt to look down on their bump instead. 

Where shall I take it?

A fairly blank background is great for drawing attention to a growing bump. Lots of people choose to stand against a door - just be sure to leave space for your expanding bump. 


It’s up to you who and what’s included within your shot.  If you love playing up to the camera, you could create a scenario or story that will play out over the nine months with your partner or children. 

What about props?

If you want to be a bit creative, you could add some props into your photos. Some people choose to hold up a sign or chalkboard to describe what week it is and how big the baby is compared to a fruit.  We've created some free, colourful printables that can help you to do just this. Get them here.

While baby bump photos might be loved by lots of mums, there’s lots of other fun things that you can do: some people like to write a journal while others choose to make a plaster cast of their body to capture the physicality of the experience. Whatever you choose to do, we wish you well throughout your pregnancy. 

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