Bring the classroom to life with Epson’s new visualisers

Thanks to a range of clever features, teachers can create a dynamic learning environment for students

Bring the classroom to life with Epson’s new visualisers

Epson is announcing two new visualisers as the ideal accompaniment for Epson’s education projectors. Now featuring a Full HD camera, the whole class can benefit from crisp, clear images and video. Thanks to parallel video output capability, high-quality content can be output to multiple displays at the same time, such as a laptop, projector and TV.

With the ELPDC21 and ELPDC13 document cameras, teachers and educators can help bring lessons to life in a fun and interesting way to maintain student engagement and help them achieve great results. Thanks to a Full HD camera, images will be crisp and clear, allowing students to pick out even the finest detail. Maps, detailed diagrams, 3D objects and two full pages from a textbook can all be displayed to the whole class without having to reposition the camera, thanks to a large A3 shooting area.

It’s not just with images where these cameras excel and, thanks to a 30 frames-per-second screen refresh rate, video streaming will be smooth with impressive clarity and without motion blur. When clear magnification is required, for example when studying historical texts, digital and optical (ELPDC21 only) zoom and a built-in LED light will ensure even intricate detail can be seen. Ideal for science lessons, minute objects can be displayed on a large screen thanks to the included microscope attachment.

Paul Wilson, business manager, Visual Instruments, Epson UK said: “Following on from the success of our previous models, we listened to our customers and developed a number of new features to make this range even better. As well as now supporting Full HD image output, live images and video content can be output to multiple displays at the same time, such as a laptop, projector and TV, thanks to parallel video output capability. Teachers can now also operate the visualiser directly from the projected screen[1] to avoid the need to keep moving around and help maintain student engagement”.

For added flexibility, both visualisers come with split-screen functionality, allowing teachers to display two pieces of content side-by-side on a large screen, using the SD card memory and live image feed, to help highlight teaching points, such as plant and animal growth.

Both visualisers feature a lightweight and portable design and include a soft carry case to make it easy to move between classrooms. With a Kensington lock and security bar, schools and other education establishments can have added peace of mind when the camera is unattended or not in use.

The ELPDC21 and ELPDC13 are compatible with all EB-5 Series and EB-1400 Series short-throw and ultra-short-throw projectors1 and will be available from February 2016.

1 Functionality to operate document camera directly from the projector only available with EB-1430Wi, EB-1420Wi, EB-595Wi, EB-585Wi, EB-575Wi and EB-536Wi when connected to a PC and running Easy Interactive Tools version 4.0