An energy efficient future

Reducing energy consumption has many benefits. Find out which firms are most likely to experience them.

An energy efficient future

German businesses lead attitudes on energy efficient technology

Cutting the energy consumption of electrical appliances has many benefits, ranging from economic advantages to environmental welfare. But an Epson survey shows German firms are most likely to value the benefits of energy efficient hardware.

As a company that designs and sells a broad range of electrical office equipment, Epson is fundamentally aware of the contribution it can make to society and the environment by producing compact, energy saving technologies.

A 2014 Epson survey of 1250 senior IT decision makers working in UK, German, French, Italian and Spanish businesses revealed that 30% identified improving total cost of ownership (to which energy consumption is a major contributor) as a key driver of hardware and software upgrades.  The survey, which particularly focused on companies of between 50 and 500 employees in the financial services and retail industries found specifically that 88% of German respondents actively source products that are environmentally friendly, with over a quarter recognising it as an opportunity to reduce business cost.

As a result of our efforts, many of our products are energy star certified, including specialist products for the retail, hospitality, healthcare, textiles and education sectors. We also employ a continuous process of lifecycle redesign to keep pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency and print quality performance.

Happily, this approach appears to be well received by our business customers – a trend we expect to see develop further.

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