100 million reasons to choose business inkjet printers

How one NGO saved money by switching to business inkjet printers

100 million reasons to choose business inkjet printers

Among the objectives of Plan International, a leading NGO working to advance children’s rights around the world, is the aim to transform the lives of 100 million girls.

Simple. By increasing speed, reducing cost and improving quality, compared to laser printers.

Money saved – and the amount is increasing, year on year – can be put to more valuable use, supporting Plan International’s global strategy.

Take a look at the below short video to see what’s important to the organisation, and how Epson printers help deliver.

But while saving money is important, there are many more reasons why over half of Plan International’s laser printer fleet has already been replaced by business inkjet printers.

And why the intention is to make its printer fleet 100% business inkjet.


High among these is Plan International’s concern for natural resources – ensuring that every purchase made helps meet its sustainability goals.

Supporting this, Epson business inkjet reduces energy consumption - in part thanks to it being a cool technology, requiring no heat in the printing process. It also dramatically reduces waste.

In turn, no heat means a more comfortable working environment for staff. And with ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to machines and low user intervention, it also means enhanced productivity.

You probably don’t have 100 million reasons to switch to Epson business inkjet printers. But what matters to a global NGO – sustainability, enhanced performance and reduced cost – also matters to other organisations, large and small.