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Built-In Heart
Rate Sensor

Effortlessly interpret your data with the Pulsense View app

The Pulsense View app is a very powerful tool to help you interpret your data, allowing you to make small changes to your lifestyle that can make a big difference to your health and wellbeing.

Smartphone & Web Apps

The Pulsense View app works with selected Android and iOS smart devices and PCs, allowing you to track and monitor your activity conveniently and easily on the move.

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Track your activity easily on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Pulsense continuously monitors the amount of time you spend in up to five heart rate zones, making it simple to assess the effectiveness of exercise and your progress towards your goals.

Calories Tracking

Calories burned fall into two key categories: calories burned at rest due to your metabolic rate, and calories burned during exercise. Pulsense View displays both so you can understand how much your exercise contributes to calories burned. You can also record meals to understand the balance of calories burned and consumed.

Sleep Tracking

Good-quality sleep is highly important to your wellbeing. Pulsense tracks not only the length but also the quality of your sleep by automatically monitoring body movements and heart rate to track your sleep patterns. Use the sleep phase alarm to get you out of bed at the optimal time, and start your day the right way.


Understand how your state of mind influences your heart rate. Pulsense helps you reflect back on where and when your heart rate is elevated, or you are relaxed, to help you balance your daily life.

Steps Monitoring

Record your daily steps and calculate the distance you’ve travelled using the accelerometer to measure your body movement. This function enables you to consciously track your general activity, so you can make small changes to become more active.

Real Time

Monitor heart rate and exercise intensity in real-time, making heart rate zone training easy to maximise your exercise.

Target Setting

Pulsense will automatically set targets based on the goals you want to achieve, helping you plan weight loss and fitness programmes. Easily track your progress and improvements towards your targets with the emailed weekly summary report.



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