What will you make today? Banish boredom with our creative projects for you to try at home. There are lots of printable, creative activities for you to make. Let your imagination run wild – with our gallery and tips and tricks section you'll have plenty of ideas to give your projects a unique twist.

Let’s get started

Welcome to the Kids’ Corner. This is your space for finding fun, exciting and free activities. You can discover a range of printable activities and lots of inspiration to make every project special. Don’t forget to share your projects with us – head to the gallery to see the latest arrivals.

Tips and tricks

Be inspired to take your printable projects to the next level with our tips and tricks. Every craft activity can become a masterpiece with our ideas for adding colour, texture and more to your printables.

Experiment with colour

From soft pastel tones to electric neons - be bold with your colour choices to make your design stand out.

Try textures

Be inventive - interesting layers and textures to your design with bubble wrap, tissue paper, sequins, or apply feathers and more.

Personalise your party

There are lots of ways to customise our party decorations. Take our printable garlands - give them a luxury feel by stringing the garlands with ribbon. You could also try experimenting with scale - print our Halloween decorations at different sizes to add impact.

Set the scene

It's not just what you make, but how you photograph it that's half of the fun. Take your creation on a journey - put your animal outside, let your paper doll loose on the beach, and show us your photo booth accessories in action.

Share your projects

Give your projects the attention they deserve by uploading your photos to the gallery. Our simple guide will make it quick and easy to add your projects.


The gallery

We love seeing your craft projects and can’t wait to share them with everyone in the Kids’ Corner. Explore the gallery to get lots of ideas for your next craft projects.


Read all about it

We’re always sharing lots of fun and creative ideas on our blog. You’ll find everything from how to beat summertime boredom to tips for hosting an Easter egg hunt, and DIY present ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Meet our home solutions

Getting crafty doesn't need to break the bank - our EcoTank printers come with up to three years' worth of ink1, giving you an ultra-low-cost per page. You can also find affordable projectors for watching your favourite films and playing games. Discover our range of easy-to-use products designed for use in the home.

  1. Based on an average print volume of 140 pages per month and considering the lowest yield produced from the first set of inks.

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