Environmental Information

To fulfil our corporate social responisibility (CSR), we aim to address environmental issues by providing value that exceeds the expectations of our customers and society.

Global Environmental Portal

Discover all about Epson’s commitment to the environment.

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Environmental Product Information

View environmental information on our products based on the ECMA standard.

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Safety Data Sheets

Download more information about how to safely use and store our products, as well as what to do in the event of an emergency.

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Cartridge Recycling

Find out more about the Epson Cartridge Collection and Recycling Program.

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WEEE Information

Find out how to properly and safely dispose of products which display this icon.


Energy Consumption

Learn all about the different modes of our products, designed to help reduce energy use.

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Page Yield

Find out more about page yield.

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Imaging Equipment Voluntary Agreement

  • Spare Parts

    The below declaration applies to new models placed on the market after 1 January 2015.

    Epson Europe B.V. declares that spare parts will be available for the following period after the end of the product manufacturing:

    • For Electrophotography, Solid Ink and High Performance Inkjet models – 5 years
    • For Inkjet models – 3 years

    To obtain spare parts please contact your Epson supplier or dealer.

  • Information regarding recycled paper

    Recycled paper promotes the circular economy with more recycling saving more natural resources.

    • The use of waste paper to produce recycled paper significantly reduces the amount of energy and water consumed compared to virgin fiber paper. In addition, the forest resources are conserved - an important contribution to biodiversity! Existing environmental savings can be enhanced in a simple and efficient manner.
    • Modern recycled paper meets the highest quality requirements for different printing processes - appropriate standards guarantee this. The imaging equipment supplied by the VA signatories is suitable for using with recycled paper meeting the EN 12281:2002 standard.
    • Regarding archiving - recycled paper meets all requirements for long-term storage.
    • The use of recycled paper is a visible and credible sign of ecological, resource efficient behavior.
  • Recycled plastic content

    Epson’s products contain less than 5% of recycled plastics. In spirit of the Circular Economy concept Epson is currently taking steps to increase the percentage of recycled plastics in our products.

Sustainability Report

Read about our corporate activities aimed at fulfilling our environmental and social responsibilities.

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