SKU: R11N03Z004

Great value performance

  • Affordable SCARA robot Great value for money without compromising performance
  • Compact versatility Designed for activities where workspace is at a premium
  • Payload and arm reach Maximum payload: 20kg. Arm length: 1,000mm
  • Easy to use Simple to install, use and maintain
  • Versatile and flexible Pick and place, assembly, palletising, inspection, and polishing

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High performance

Designed to offer the perfect balance of value and performance, the SCARA LS20-BA04C robot offers: faster cycle times, a lower cable duct profile, built-in camera connector for easy vision system setup, a new top-of-arm layout for enhanced usability, and a batteryless motor unit to minimise downtime and reduce the overall cost of ownership. This SCARA LS-B robot has a maximum payload of 20Kg, with an arm length of 1,000mm.


This Epson SCARA robot has been designed for applications that require high-speed performance, at a low cost. The batteryless motor unit minimises downtime and helps reduce the overall total cost of ownership (TCO). Businesses will also benefit from Epson's 'no superfluous technology' philosophy and the robot's low power consumption.


The LS-B Series of SCARA robots can be used in a wide range of industries, from assembling automotive components, mobile phones and computer parts, to creating medical equipment and packaging medications, not to mention lab automation and scientific analysis.


The Epson SCARA LS20-BA04C robot is simple to install, use and maintain. It's intuitive and feature-packed, and the Epson RC+ development software makes it easy to create high-performance solutions.


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