Why can't I use a 2GB or larger capacity memory card with my printer's memory card reader?


  • PictureMate, PictureMate 100, PictureMate 500
  • A4 Inkjet printers: Stylus Photo R300 and R320
  • A4 All-In-One Inkjets: Stylus Photo RX420, RX425, RX500, RX600, RX620, RX700.


These products were developed and released at a time when large capacity cards such as 2GB or 4GB SD cards were not commercially available or widely available. Therefore the printer and its memory card reader do not recognise larger capacity memory cards. As this technology has developed, as have our products so many recent Epson printer models which have memory card readers do support larger capacity cards such as 2GB SD cards.

A software update is not necessary as neither the printer driver or application software are responsible for the detection of a memory card. Epson recommends the use of cards no larger than 512MB with these products. (The RX700 may accept 1GB SD cards.)

If your camera is PictBridge compliant or has a USB-DIRECT PRINT function, try connecting it to the printer's PictBridge USB port. This will allow you to print directly to the printer, using your camera's LCD screen to choose the image you wish to print. Most PictBridge compliant cameras allow you to select the paper and quality settings to send to the printer. For information on features, usage, and settings, please consult the manufacturer's documentation that accompanied your camera. Instructions on printing from an external device are available in your printer's Basic Operation Guide/Standalone Operation Guide.

Alternatively, if you are able to connect the digital camera or device in which the card is used to a USB port on your computer, you can load or save the images on your computer and print them providing you install the printer driver and application software.