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Some of the images I have printed are cropped. Why is this?


  • Single function inkjet and All-In-One printers
  • Cropped images, printing with or without borders


Check the following:

  • Check the Layout setting. Refer to your user's guide for further information.
    • If printing standalone from memory card or USB memory stick, see your paper user's guide.
    • If printing from your computer, see the Epson manual installed on your computer in All Programs > Epson (Windows) or Applications > Epson (Mac OS X).

  • When you print borderless photos, the printer automatically expands your images. If your photos are being cropped too much around the edges or if the borders are skewed, you can adjust the amount of expansion. You can adjust the Borderless Expansion setting, available when printing standalone and in the printer driver.
    • To access this when printing from a memory card or stick, enter the Print Settings and select Expansion.
    • To access this when printing from your computer, open the Printing Preferences screen and make sure your paper settings are correct with the borderless option ticked. Click into the Page Layout tab to see the Expansion slider under the Borderless section, if you are getting a white line on the edges of prints move the slider to the right.

  • If the subject of your photo is very close to the edge of the image, you may want to select the 'with border' layout setting. This prevents the automatic enlargement of your photo (to eliminate the borders) which may be causing part of your image to be cut off.


    In order to get more of the main subject in the shot, we recommend taking one or two steps back when taking a photograph so that if cropped, you won't lose the main portion of the image that you wish to print.

  • If you have a border on one side of your photo but not the other, make sure the paper is positioned correctly in the paper tray and all the way to the right. Slide the edge guide against the paper.

  • If you are using a PictureMate series printer, make sure you are using the paper supplied in the PictureMate Picture Pack with the cartridge as the paper size can differ slightly.

  • Try cropping your photo to enlarge and print only a part of it.

  • You may have cropped your photo.

  • Your photo size may not match the width/height proportions (aspect ratio) of your photo paper or the layout you're using. Photos may be cropped to fit the paper and layout.

    An example of this having happened is if your photos have printed with white borders on two sides despite you having selected the borderless layout mode for the image.

    Many digital cameras create images that are 3 × 4" - this is a ratio of 1.3, although a handful of digital cameras capture images in a ratio of 1.5. When printing, the your printer will print with a ratio of 1.5. This is because the paper is 4 x 6" (roughly 150mm x 100mm), so one side is 1.5 times the other side.

    To prevent cropping, some software programs (such as iPhoto) resize the 3 × 4" image so the picture prints to the edge on the long sides and has a white border on the short sides, as shown below.

    Other programs enlarge the 3 × 4" image and then crop the sides to create a 4 x 6" borderless photo:

    To this end, using the example above, the top and bottom of the image would be cropped, also explaining why the left and right of the image is left untouched.

    Due to not having a standard 10cm x 13cm paper size in the industry, a 1.3 ratio printer wouldn't make sense. Some cameras use a ratio of 1.25, so slightly more of the image is cropped, compared to a standard digital camera.

    However, the borderless/no margins print setting will stretch the image, so it may be the layout selection that causes the image to be cropped rather than the aspect ratio of the camera or printer.

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