How to install a USB Printer on Windows 2000 and XP


  • Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
  • Epson USB printer range.
  • Driver install.


Before you can connect the USB cable to the printer, the printer software needs to be installed onto the computer.

Caution Icon Caution:

Only connect the USB cable when instructed to do so during the software installation process.

If you have connected the USB cable, the above found new hardware screen will appear. If this screen appears click on the Cancel button, then disconnect the USB cable.

  1. Insert the printer's Epson Software CD-ROM into the computer's CD drive.

    Insert CD

  2. The screen below will be presented. Click on the Start button to begin the easy installation process and follow the on-screen instructions.

  3. If the easy installation screen does not appear, the software CD-ROM can be accessed through the My Computer icon on the Desktop.

    My Computer

    • Alternatively, click the Start button located at the bottom left of the screen and click My Computer.

    Start menu

  4. You will see the following icon. Double-click the icon to start the software installation.

    My Computer

  5. Follow the on-screen prompts until you see the screen below asking you to plug in the USB cable.

    Connect USB Cable

  6. Plug the USB cable into a free USB port on the computer and connect it to the USB port on the printer.

    Connect USB Cable

  7. After the USB cable has been connected, the driver software will continue to be installed. Once the installation is complete you will be asked to restart your computer.

    Restart Computer

  8. Click on the Restart Now button to complete the driver installation. Your printer is now installed on your computer and ready to use.

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