Dot Matrix printers: How to use continuous paper with two tractors in the push/pull combination via the front slot


  • FX, LQ, LX Dot Matrix printers (not DFX)
  • How to use the push/pull combination


The printer is shipped with the tractor unit installed in the rear push position. To use the printer in the push pull position you must first remove the paper tension unit then remove the tractor unit from its current position and install it in the pull position.


The push/pull combination requires the printer to have two tractor units. You can install the optional additional tractor so that two tractor units will work at the same time. To obtain additional tractor units refer to the Epson website for more information.

The LQ-2090 is used in the example below:

*tractor unit parts

  1. Make sure the printer is turned off and remove any paper left in the printer.

  2. Remove the rear paper guide by lifting it up and off the printer.

    As the new position of the tractor unit is on the platen cover, the paper tension unit must be removed.

  3. Remove the printer cover:
    1. Open the cover.
    2. Pull it straight up from the upper case and off the the printer.

  4. Remove the paper tension unit:
    1. Press the tabs on each side of the paper tension unit.
    2. Push them backwards to release the unit.
    3. Lift the unit up and out of the printer.

  5. Change the current position of the tractor unit from the rear position to the top position:
    1. Press the tractors lock tabs located on each side of the unit.
    2. Tilt the tractor up and towards you.
    3. Lift it out of the printer.

  6. Lower the tractor into the printer's mounting slots.

  7. Press down both ends of the tractor unit to make sure it is firmly seated and locked in.

  8. Unlock the tractor's blue tab lever on either side.

Setting the paper thickness and loading the paper

  1. Set the paper lever release to the front push position.

  2. Set the paper lever thickness to the correct thickness depending on the thickness of the paper you are using.

  3. Remove the front cover by pushing it straight down at each side, as shown below.

  4. Install the second tractor unit:
    1. Insert the tractor into the printer's mounting slots.
    2. Press down on both ends of the tractor to make sure it is firmly seated and locked into place.


    If the front sheet guide is installed, remove it by grasping the fins on both sides and pulling the the guide slightly up and away from the printer.

    If the front paper guide is installed, open the front cover and remove it.

  5. Install the paper in the sprockets belt of the tractor unit.
    1. Unlock the blue tab lever of the sprocket belt.

    2. Adjust the sprocket belt approximately 12mm (0.5 inch) from the far left position and push down the lever to lock it in place. Slide the right sprocket to match the width of your paper, but do not lock it.

    3. Make sure your paper has a clean, straight edge. Then open both sprocket covers and with the printable side up, fit the first four holes of the paper over the tractor pins.

  6. Power on the printer.

  7. To load the paper press the Load/Eject button until the paper is in the top-of-form position.

  8. Press the LF/FF button for two seconds to advance the paper in to the correct position.

  9. Open the left sprocket cover of the pull tractor to fit the paper in the correct position, close and lock it.


    Do not pull the paper to adjust it in the sprocket belt, you may damage the printer and lose the top-of-form position. Use the LF/FF button only.

  10. Repeat the same action with the right sprocket.

  11. Set the paper release lever to the pull position and press Pause for three seconds to remove any paper slack with the Micro Adjust function.

  12. Set the paper release lever back to the front push position.

  13. Press the Tear Off button.

  14. Attach the front cover with the paper positioned as shown below. Make sure that all covers are closed and the paper guide is lying flat on the printer.

  15. Slide the edge guides to the middle of the paper guide.

  16. When the printer receives the data it automatically loads the paper and starts printing.


    If you wish to change the top-of-form position, please refer your user's guide and section "Adjusting the top-of-form position"

    Positioning the continuous paper supply:

    Before using continuous paper, make sure you line up your paper supply with the tractor feed as shown below, so that the paper feeds smoothly into the printer.

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