How to use EPSON Print CD Ver. 2.x


  • Epson Print CD Ver. 2.x
  • Epson printer and All-In-One models with CD printing functionality


Epson Print CD is application software which is part of the standard CD software bundle of CD-printing capable Epson devices. It can also be downloaded directly from the Epson website.

You can create a wide range of different CD/DVD label designs to suit the content of the CD/DVD you intend to print on, and also design and print the CD/DVD jackets.

The software offers versatile functions such as adding a variety of decorations, text, and graphics. You can use and edit the included templates or even insert different images as backgrounds and change their quality and shape.

For a look at the basic workflow and for a guide to using the software, follow the steps below.

  1. Selecting the CD/DVD size
    1. Click the 'Diameter' button. The 'Inner/Outer Diameter Settings' dialog box is displayed.

    2. Select 12cm CD/DVD and click OK.


      You can also select the 8cm CD/DVD and Custom CD/DVD options according to the size of the CD/DVD you intend to print on.

      The printable area of inkjet printable CD/DVDs may vary across types and manufacturers - for example, some may have a wider printable area. When printing onto these CD/DVDs you can change the inner and outer diameter to increase the print area.

      Be careful when setting the inner and outer diameter of the print area. If unsuitable settings are made, the design may be printed outside of the printable area of the CD/DVD and the CD/DVD tray or printer may be soiled.

  2. Selecting a background image
    1. Click on the Background button. The Select Background dialog box is displayed. 

    2. Click the Background Data tab and select the background image. Then click OK. The background image is displayed over the entire label template.


      To change the background selection, click the Background button again to display the Select Background dialog, where you can select a different background image.

      To use an image not in the background collection, click the Background button again to display the Select Background dialog, and then click on the File tab. Click the Browse button to choose an image in from a location on or available to your computer, select the image and click OK to insert it.

  3. Inputting and customising text
    1. Click the Text button. The Text Settings dialog box is displayed. 

    2. Enter the text you want to print onto the design into the Text box. Then click into the checkbox beside Auto Arch to enable the setting and click OK. The text you entered is displayed in an arch style over the template.


      If 'Auto Arch' is not checked then the text will be displayed in a straight, horizontal line across the template design.

      To set the text style, click on the different tabs e.g. Text Settings, Text Color, and Shadow, on the Text Settings dialog and click OK to update the settings.

      To modify the text, double-click on the text you want to edit and use the options in the Text Settings dialog box

  4. Adjusting arched text
    1. Click on the text. Three handles () will appear.

    2. Click on the centre text button. The text is centre-aligned on the CD/DVD design.


      If the justify text button is clicked, the text will be distributed uniformly in the text block.

    3. Drag and move the centre handle () up. The position and size of the text block (area surrounded by dashed lines) changes.


      If the handles () on the ends are dragged then the length of the text block will change.

      If you drag a part where there is no handle () then the text block will move around the circle.

      To return the text to a straight line uncheck Auto Arch on the Text Settings dialog.

  5. Printing a Label
    1. Insert the CD/DVD onto the printer's CD tray. Refer to your printer's reference guide for help with this.

    2. Click the 'Print' button.

    3. The 'Print' dialog box appears. Select the relevant printer and media type, and then click Print. The label is sent to print onto the CD/DVD.


      '[None]' should be selected as the '[Print Confirmation Pattern]' setting.

      If the print position is out of place then adjust the print position by clicking 'Adjust Print Position', located in the print settings.

      If the print is blurred then adjust the Print Density, also located in the print settings.

  6. Saving your label
    1. Click File and then click Save As.

    2. The Save As dialog box is displayed. Rename the file and select a location to save it to, then click Save to save the file to the specified location for later access.


    It is not possible to open labels created in earlier versions of Print CD in EPSON Print CD version 2.0 or higher and vice versa. The file format of the templates is different between these different versions of the software.

For further detailed information and for guidance on how to create a jacket, refer to the guidance within the EPSON Print CD software. To access this, click Help and then select Help Topics.

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