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  • Stylus Photo R200, R220, R300, R320, R340.
  • CD printing.
  • Epson Print CD


EPSON Print CD is bundled with this printer and allows you to create CD/DVD labels. After you create the CD/DVD label data, you can print on 12-cm CD/DVDs and 8-cm CD/DVDs. Follow the steps below for CD/DVD printing.

  • If you are experiencing problems performing CD printing such as the printer displaying error lights, reporting error messages, or the CD tray being ejected without printing, please check through this guide to ensure that all steps have been carried out correctly.

When printing on CDs/DVDs, keep the following points in mind:

Positioning the printer to allow clearance at the rear

In order to print CDs, you must make sure that:

  • There is at least 6" (in.) / 15 cm clearance at the back of the printer.
  • The CD is in the holder on the tray, before inserting the tray into the printer.

When printing a CD there needs to be a clear space of at least 6 inches at the rear of the printer. This will allow the CD tray to move freely through the printer. If there isn't sufficient clearance at the back of the printer, the CD/DVD process will not complete and an error will result. If the printer is positioned up against or close to a wall or another object, this will cause an obstruction to the tray. Also check that other objects, such as power or data cables, are not obstructing the slot at the back of the printer.

Notice for CD/DVD printing

  • Use only CDs/DVDs labelled as suitable for printing, for example "Printable on the label surface" or "Printable with ink jet printers". Thermal-print CDs/DVDs are not suitable to use with inkjet printers such as your EPSON printer.
  • For more details on handling CD/DVD and guidelines for writing data to a CD/DVD, refer to your CD/DVD documentation.
  • A lower level of color saturation is used to ensure print quality when printing on a CD/DVD, as opposed to Epson special paper.
  • Do not print on the CD/DVD before writing your data to it. If you do, fingerprints, dirt, or scratches on the surface may cause errors while writing data.
  • Try to test printing on a spare CD/DVD.
  • The printed surface is easily smeared immediately after printing.
  • Be sure to let CDs and DVDs dry completely before using them or touching the printed surface.
  • Do not let the printed CD/DVD dry in direct sunlight.
  • Depending on the CD/DVD type, smearing may occur depending on the level of color saturation.
  • If the printed surface is sticky even after it has dried, the color saturation level may be too high. In that case, lower the level of the color saturation in EPSON Print CD.
  • Moisture on the printable surface may cause smearing.
  • If you are going to print a large amount of CDs/DVDs, first print on a few spare CDs/DVDs and check the printed surface after one full day.
  • If the CD/DVD tray or the internal transparent compartment are accidentally printed on, immediately wipe off the ink.
  • Reprinting on the same CD/DVD may not improve the print quality.
  • The printable area of a CD/DVD is illustrated as follows.

    12-cm CD/DVD 8-cm CD/DVD

Before you print, create the CD/DVD label data using EPSON Print CD. Click here for a guide or see article "How do I print directly onto CD/DVDs?" listed under Related Articles at the top-right of this article. We only recommend using the EPSON Print CD software to print directly to CD/DVD.

Cleaning the Printer before printing on CD/DVD

Before printing on a CD/DVD, it is necessary to clean the roller inside of the printer by feeding and ejecting A4 size plain paper. This is to prevent any dirt on the roller from adhering to the printable surface of the CD/DVD. Clean this roller only once before printing CD/DVD. You do not need to do this each time you print on a CD/DVD.

Make sure that the printer is on. Open the paper support, then slide out the extension. Open the output tray.

Notes Icon Note:

Make sure the CD/DVD tray is not inserted into the printer and the CD/DVD guide is closed.

Load a sheet of plain A4 paper so it is against the right edge guide, and slide it into the sheet feeder. Then slide the left edge guide against the left edge of the paper. Press the Paper button, the paper is fed into the printer. Press the Paper button again to eject the paper. Repeat the load/eject process several times.

Positioning the CD/DVD

After you have finished cleaning the printer, insert the CD/DVD into the printer as described below.

Caution Icon Caution:

  • Make sure to check the following section before inserting the CD/DVD. See Notice for CD/DVD printing.
  • Before printing on a CD/DVD, it is necessary to clean the roller inside of the printer by feeding and ejecting A4 size normal paper. See Cleaning the Printer before printing on CD/DVD.
  • Be sure to insert the CD/DVD following the steps described below. If you insert the CD/DVD in a different way, the data or printer may be damaged.

  1. Make sure that the printer is on.

    Caution Icon Caution:

    Be sure to insert the CD/DVD tray while the power is on. Otherwise, automatic print position adjustment may not take place after inserting the CD/DVD tray.

  2. Open the printer cover and the CD/DVD guide.

  3. Place the CD/DVD on the CD/DVD tray with the label surface up. Use one CD/DVD at a time.

    12-cm CD/DVD 8-cm CD/DVD

    It is necessary to use the 8-cm adapter in conjunction with the CD/DVD tray when printing on 8-cm CD/DVDs. There are three tabs protruding from the perimeter of the 8-cm adapter; two round tabs diagonally opposite each other, and one small rectangular tab. The round tabs correspond to the semi-circular holes in the CD/DVD tray. Holding the 8-cm CD/DVD adapter so that the semi-circular tabs fit into the semi circular holes, insert the 8-cm adapter into the CD/DVD tray, as if it were a CD. The single rectangular tab should also fit neatly into the indentation at either the top or the bottom of the CD/DVD tray. To remove the adapter, gently push upwards on the round tabs.

    Caution Icon Caution:

    • Before positioning the CD/DVD, make sure that no foreign particles or substances are on the CD/DVD tray, as these may damage the CD/DVD's data side.
    • Be sure to use the CD/DVD tray provided with this printer. If you use another CD/DVD tray, there may be a gap in the print position and printing may not be performed properly.

  4. With the CD/DVD loaded printable side up, gently insert the CD/DVD tray along the base of the CD/DVD guide until the arrow marks on the CD/DVD tray and the CD/DVD guide match each other's position.

    Notes Icon Note:

    When inserting the CD/DVD tray into the printer, make sure the tray passes under the tab on the right side of the CD/DVD guide and also under the rollers at the rear of the guide.

  5. Close the printer cover, and use EPSON Print CD to produce the CD print.

Printing on a CD/DVD

After designing your CD/DVD design in EPSON Print CD, follow the instructions below to print on a CD/DVD using EPSON Print CD. The guidance is split by operating system.


Mac OS X

Mac OS 8.6-9.2

    Notes Icon Note:

    • Only one CD or DVD can be printed at a time. When the Copies setting is set to 2 or more, remove each CD or DVD from the CD/DVD tray after it has been printed and then place the next CD or DVD on the tray. Press the paper button to resume printing. See Positioning the CD/DVD.

    • If your EPSON Stylus Photo printer is not selected, click the Printer Settings button and select the appropriate printer name in the Printer Setting dialog box, then click the OK button.

    • If you select CD/DVD Premium Surface as the Media Type setting and use a high quality CD/DVD, you can create high quality CD/DVD labels. Do not select this setting if you are not using a high quality CD/DVD.

    • Be sure to let CDs and DVDs dry completely before using them or touching the printed surface. CDs and DVDs printed using CD/DVD Premium Surface as the Media Type setting take longer to dry than those printed using CD/DVD as the Media Type setting. Allow CDs and DVDs printed using the CD/DVD Premium Surface setting to dry for 24 hours.

    • If the print position is misaligned, adjust it using EPSON Print CD. See article 'How to adjust the print position in EPSON Print CD? (pending).

    • If the ink smears, adjust the color saturation. For details, refer to the Help section of EPSON Print CD.

    • After you finish printing on a CD/DVD, remove the CD/DVD tray and close the CD/DVD guide.

    • If the CD/DVD tray is ejected when you send a CD/DVD print job to the printer, the printer is not ready. When a message stating that the printer is ready appears on the screen, reset the CD/DVD tray, and then press the Paper button.


If you are experiencing problems with the CD/DVD feed, please see the suggestions below:

  • Make sure that you have allowed at least a 6 inch gap at the back of the printer. Make sure that this area is clear of any cables or obstructions. This is to allow the CD tray to move freely through the printer and move out through the slot at the back of the printer. If anything is obstructing this, the CD tray will be ejected and an error message will be displayed. Error lights may also appear on the printer control panel.

  • Inspect the tray for damage or signs of wear - any scoring on the back of the tray may effect the printer's ability to pull it into the printer.

  • Check if there is any damage to the white squares on the surface of the tray - any damage, blemishes, or scratches can affect the detection of the tray by the sensor on the print head. If there is any ink on the squares, try wiping it off with a damp cloth.

  • If the tray has a clear plastic lip at the feed end, check if there is wear to this. If the printer ejects the CD/DVD tray after attempting to feed it, try printing again but gently push the tray towards the rollers to help them grip the tray.

  • Check the CD or DVD media that you are using - if the disc is even slightly warped this can cause of a feed problem. In the event of this, try a different CD or DVD.

  • If all appears to be in order, please re-load the tray, allow the 9 inch clearance and open Epson Print CD.

Continuing CD/DVD tray feed problems:

  • If the CD/DVD tray appears to be worn or there is damage to the white squares on the tray, you may need to replace it.
  • R340 only: Check the 'D' number on the back of the tray.
  • Contact Epson for further assistance and for information on replacing the tray.

If you continue to experience problems, contact Epson for technical support.

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