How do I update the firmware on the EPSON AcuLaser CX21N(F) to enable Scan to Email?


  • How to update the firmware on the AcuLaser CX21N(F)
  • Enabling or updating the Scan to Email facility on CX21N(F) printers with firmware versions prior to 2.30
  • Microsoft Windows only


This article explains how to update the firmware on the AcuLaser CX21N(F) printer, to enable the "Scan to Email" facility.

Notes Icon Note:

  • The firmware update is only compatible with Microsoft Windows.
  • The printer must be connected by a USB cable or network connection.

  1. Only update your firmware if the printer's firmware version is less than 2.30.

  2. Once the firmware as been updated to version 2.30 then the "Scan to Email" facility will be available.

  3. Click here to download the firmware update for the AcuLaser CX21N(F).

  4. Connect the printer to the computer via USB cable or network and power the printer on. Then, follow the instructions below, clicking on the blue Next arrow button to navigate through each step in turn.

Caution Icon Caution:

The firmware procedure must be followed exactly, otherwise you may corrupt the firmware update and seriously damage your product.

  • Neither EPSON nor its affiliates will take any responsibility for any damages that result from a firmware update. Your use of this document and any related firmware file(s) is at your own risk. Any resulting repair will NOT be covered by your warranty.

Notes Icon Note:

After the firmware update the Paper Cassette menu in the Fax Reception Settings of the printer’s control panel will be set to Auto.

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