Unlock the potential of your printer

Epson Print Academy UK offers classes for both amateurs and professionals who want to get the most from printing and digital imaging.

Epson UK have teamed up with aspect2i to bring you a new range of photography classes that let you explore your photography. The Print Academy classes are not just about printing. They take you through the whole photographic process, from capture to print as every stage can have an impact on what you finally print. Tips and hints on camera settings, using photo imaging software and, of course, printing.

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Exhibition Quality Printing from £75

Exhibition Quality Printing provides expert advice from a professional in the field of fine print reproduction, print-making and proofing. The session will explain, in detail, the steps, tricks and tips needed to create the highest quality prints from your Epson printer, that are suitable for exhibition and competition use.

The Perfect Black & White Print from £75

The Perfect Black and White Print provides expert advice from an experienced professional in the field of Black and White printing. The session will give you an understanding of a simple workflow to obtain superb black and white prints from your Epson printer.

Master Post Processing from £70

When you return from the field with your RAW camera files you will need to complete the photographic journey by post processing. Master Post Processing covers the entire workflow from all the controls in Adobe Camera Raw through to Photoshop and managing your printer and profiles.

Image Perfection with Lightroom from £70

Understanding Adobe Lightroom is an invaluable course that will show you how to manage your files and edit photos on the computer using the software package Adobe Lightroom. Starting with a beginners guide to data management, you will spend the day designing your own practical workflow system and pick up useful tips and hints on how to maximise your efficiency and effectiveness on the computer.


This workshop will cover the advanced techniques you need to craft a beautiful image from problem files. Advanced Post Processing will take you through the entire post process from start to finish, demonstrating the tools and approaches to recover and develop your files.


Photoshop for Photographers is a workshop to help you learn how to polish the images you have captured. An expert will take you through Photoshop to show you key tools and methods essential for any photographer including colour correcting and creating masks.


Post Processing and Printing Masterclass is a three day intensive course covering every aspect of image making from camera RAW file to finished exhibition quality prints. Over the three days, you will cover technical aspects of image capture and post processing to ensure you get the very best out your RAW files as well as the printing process to ensure you get your Epson printer and monitor set up correctly. There will also be an opportunity for you to discuss and review images you have taken with our photography experts and post process and print one of your images during the masterclass.